Three Highlights of JUDcare in CCR2018

These days, China’s International Import Exposition and the Fifth World Internet Congress are in full swing. Meanwhile, the medical imaging industry has also ushered in a grand event belonging to it. On November 8, the Chinese Academic Conference on Radiology 2018 (CCR) was solemnly held in Beijing. Nearly 10,000 people gathered to discuss and prospect the future of radiology.

With the theme of “Innovation, Inclusion, and Openness”, the conference aims to build an unprecedented international platform for academic exchanges of chemistry, which integrates medical imaging and medical imaging technology in a spirit of innovation, inclusiveness, and an open mind.

Medical Accuracy, Image First; Image Accuracy, Technology First; Precise technology, standard first.

At this conference, JUDcare‘s Image Center, Cloud Image Platform, Image AI, Image Education, and other high-quality solutions and products to collectively appear, once it is presented, it will be “red-moving all over the field”.

Three Highlights of JUDcare in CCR2018(Liu Shiyuan (Chairman-designate of the Radiology Society of the Chinese Medical Association) and his delegation visited the JUDcare booth for guidance and took a group photo as a souvenir)

Three Highlights of JUDcare in CCR2018

New highlights of JUDcare Internet+ medical imaging:

Highlight 1: the image on the cloud, easy to see a doctor

JUDcare energized cloud film and DICOM storage of patient’s image are convenient for patients to obtain their own image data at any time, and also for doctors to make mobile access. At the same time, relying on cloud film, patients can initiate two inquiries to experts in higher hospitals or platforms through the application of “radiation salon”, so as to realize patients’ easy consultation. Many radiologists who visited the JUDcare booth at the CCR conference praised the new application model and expressed their expectation that the JUDcare Intelligent Cloud Image Integration Service Platform would bring more surprises.

Highlights 2: AI auxiliary diagnosis, improve efficiency and reduce the burden

With the continuous increase of artificial intelligence technology, medical AI is becoming more and more intense. In this CCR conference, the image AI has become a must for exhibitors. JUDcare aims to take the lead in seizing the image AI market. In the demonstration of image AI at the booth site, image AI is integrated into the field of Radiology through an AI integrated box, which can effectively complete the automatic screening of multiple lesions and effectively improve the efficiency and diagnostic accuracy of radiologists.

Three Highlights of JUDcare in CCR2018Highlight 3: interconnection, comprehensive sharing

With cloud image as the carrier, JUDcare image center has constructed a new cloud image service process based on Internet, cloud storage, and mobile applications, which can realize the full interconnection and interoperability of patient image examination data, share image equipment and human resources in the region, promote the landing of graded diagnosis and treatment, and enhance the accessibility and use efficiency of medical resources.

With the clouded film, the future can be expected. JUDcare takes advantage of AI to inject new vitality into the development of medical imaging. In the future, JUDcare will adhere to the parallel of innovation and service, relying on JUDcare Intelligent Cloud Image Integration Service Platform, continue to provide high-quality medical services for patients, grasp the accelerating engine of “AI+“, and help to realize the healthy Chinese dream.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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