A Rush to the Frontline of Pandemic

A Rush to the Frontline of Pandemic

On February 5, when the whole country was still immersed in the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival, a new case of a COVID-19 broke out in Baise, Guangxi. In just three days, the cumulative number of locally confirmed cases exceeded 100, and the epidemic prevention and control situation suddenly became severe.

As the contractor of the medical community project in Tianyang District, Baise City, JUDcare Medical Group has formulated an emergency response plan to prevent and control the epidemic in advance in accordance with relevant regulations and quickly supported the epidemic area according to the response plan.

  • February 5 07:50

The phones of Li Jinglong and Lu Fuju, the heads of the Tianyang Medical Community Project of JUDcare Medical Group, rang one after another. On the other end of the phone was the liaison officer of the District Health and Health Bureau.”A case of a new type of COVID-19 was found in Youjiang District, Baise City. The situation is complicated. Please stand by at any time. You may need on-site support!” The two who had just woken up from the dream agreed without hesitation.

  • February 5 08:15

Li Jinglong sent the first emergency response email to the background.

  • February 5 09:08

JUDcare Medical Group established an epidemic response team in Tianyang District and established a WeChat group. R&D engineers from all over the country who have returned to their hometowns began to stand by and provide online support throughout the day.

  • February 5 23:00

Li Jinglong and Lu Fuju received the notification from the scene. They drove hundreds of kilometers to the anti-epidemic command center in Tianyang District, Baise City, to conduct technical support work overnight.

In this way, the  team fromt JUDcare Medical Group and the local epidemic command team worked hard all night in the office for three consecutive nights to provide technical support for the platform’s operation. In addition, the team also responded to the real-time needs of the on-site epidemic prevention expert group and re-planned the layout of the data display form of the BI data monitoring large screen.

A Rush to the Frontline of Pandemic

After receiving the demand, JUDcare Medical Group back-end R&D team responded quickly. The R&D personnel on the highway and high-speed rail were also immediately put into work and completed all the work such as demand analysis, program setting, UI design, software development, and debugging within one day. In the early morning of the next day, the final effect was presented to the on-site command experts. The collection, analysis, and data sharing of the number of nucleic acid samples from medical and health institutions in Tianyang District has been realized and presented to the Tianyang County Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters in a visual way, helping the expert group to better deploy the epidemic prevention and control work, and has won the high praise of the expert group.

A Rush to the Frontline of Pandemic

With the joint efforts of front-line epidemic prevention staff and front-end and back-end R&D personnel of JUDcare Medical Group,JUD Nucleic Acid Testing Platform has supported Tianyang District to complete more than 300,000 nucleic acid sampling tests stably and safely during this round of the fight against this pandemic , of which more than 120,000 copies have been collected in a single day on February 8, and 160,000-180,000 copies are expected on February 9.

The JUD nucleic acid detection platform, as a part of the Tianyang District Medical Community Project, was successfully launched in October 2021. The system can be applied in  multiple scenarios such as routine nucleic acid sampling, large-scale nucleic acid sampling, and door-to-door nucleic acid sampling. It provides services such as PC terminal, portable mobile terminal, and BI data monitoring large screen to the epidemic prevention command center and medical institutions in the area:

PC terminal

It supports registration (supporting special populations), sampling, distribution, reception, and reporting. It runs through the official account of Tianyang County on WeChat to achieve rapid query of nucleic acid test reports.

Portable mobile terminal

It supports apheresis and mixed collection methods for special and general populations; and support online verification and distribution of samples.

BI data monitoring large screen

It supports sampling, distribution, testing, reporting the total number , and detailed real-time data in the region; guarantee pandemic prevention and control and scheduling.

In the battle against the epidemic, the people of Baise kept fighting, and the JUDcare Medical Group team kept fighting. They marched against the current like beams of shimmering light, dispelling the haze of winter, illuminating the road ahead, bringing us warmth and hope, and making us more determined to the fact that the victory of this battle against the epidemic is ahead.



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