Benchmark mode | Let the self-service machine “take the initiative”! New Exploration on the Service of HKU Shenzhen Hospital

With the implementation of the grading evaluation policy for smart services in hospitals, promoting the construction of smart hospitals and improving the masses’ medical satisfaction has become a problem that all “smart” hospitals must think deeply about.

To improve the quality of medical services further, The University of Hong Kong Shenzhen hospital (HKU-SZH) and JUDcare Medical Group have joined forces to introduce 73 medical smart bank-hospital terminals from JUDcare Medical Group equipped with the latest active service platform.

There is a “core” active, intelligent service platform inside

According to the needs of patients, the JUDcare Medical smart bank-hospital terminal, which is deployed in the outpatient hall of the hospital and conspicuous places on each floor, has a tall and beautiful appearance. It can meet patients’ needs of all-in-one service package of appointment registration, medical insurance payment, inspection report printing, invoice printing, etc. (ID card, medical insurance card, and electronic certificate identification are available as well).

HK, Macao & Taiwan Compatriots and foreigners can also get all non diagnosis and treatment service by passports and home visit permits on  JUDcare Medical smart bank-hospital terminal. This fully demonstrates the forward-looking of Hong Kong University-Shenzhen Hospital in medical services in the two places and international medical services.

Innovate the human-computer interaction mode and create active smart services. J Medical’s smart bank-hospital terminal realizes active prediction guides users to complete to-do business. It establishes a full-scene service covering outpatient and inpatient services to provide patients with personalized medical services.

In the future, the smart bank-hospital terminal of Hong Kong University Shenzhen Hospital will be further optimized, adding outpatient number refund, outpatient fee refund, discharge settlement, reading of medical insurance cards from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, emergency one-click registration, birth registration, nucleic acid detection and self-service billing of COVID-19 vaccines, etc.

Help reform the whole process of medical insurance coverage

Medical insurance along the process of reform


The JUDcare smart Bank-Medical Terminal of Hong Kong University Shenzhen Hospital not only realizes the self-service payment of  medical insurance cards but also fully opens up the medical insurance settlement function of medical insurance electronic certificates. Patients who have applied for medical insurance electronic certificates can have settlement services through medical insurance card such as outpatient payment, hospitalization payment, and  drug purchases online and offline through Alipay, WeChat, or APP and other channels.

The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital has improved the patient’s medical experience and created a more convenient and comfortable medical environment. Through a series of measures, it has also established a new model for constructing a professional, information-based, humanized, efficient, and intelligent smart hospitals.

Moving forward, as the backbone of the field of smart medical care, JUDcare Medical will seize the opportunities of the times and rely on strong R&D capabilities, landing capabilities, and rich experience in smart hospital construction, innovate new models of smart medical treatment, and help more hospitals upgrade service and operate more intelligently.

The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital, as the first pilot unit of overseas drug use in the Greater Bay Area and a pilot unit for the reform of Shenzhen’s public hospitals, the University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital has shouldered the mission of Shenzhen-Hong Kong medical cooperation since its inception and carried the important task of the era of public hospital reform. It is an important carrier for deepening exchanges between Shenzhen and Hong Kong and promoting medical services between the two places.



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