The Entrepreneur of Nanyang Created the “Miracle of Nanyang CLEAR”

On April 30th, 2019, the reporter came to Nanyang CLEAR Science and Technology Co., Ltd., the new production line of medical dry film three was running, and nearly 3 meters of the production line was monitored by only 3 workers. From raw material conveying, coating to drying and setting, the whole process is closed and automated.

“This integrative coating intelligent production line, which is the first one in China, is the result of independent innovation from the core technology of the process to the design and manufacture of equipment. Its annual output can reach 8 million square meters.” Zhang Heping (general manager of Nanyang CLEAR) told reporters that before 2014, almost all domestic medical dry films were imported. The import price of a square meter of medical films was one to two hundred RMB, while the domestic basic films that could be produced independently were only ten to twenty RMB. The added value of these films lies in the laser imaging coating required for medical films.

The Entrepreneur of Nanyang Created the "Miracle of Nanyang CLEAR"The imaging technology of medical dry film is divided into traditional thermal and laser imaging. The former produces high pollution and blurred images, while the latter is in the hands of Kodak giants. Zhang Heping and his partners set up an R&D team in Shenzhen, and they developed a patent for the production of high-definition medical film using PET inkjet printing technology. Nanyang CLEAR is the world’s first non-chemical reaction medical dry film technology, which realizes the production of environmentally friendly, non-polluting, stable, and transparent coating, imaging sensitivity as high as 100%, while the cost is greatly reduced.

The Entrepreneur of Nanyang Created the "Miracle of Nanyang CLEAR"At the end of 2012, the Nanyang CLEAR film was released into the world, and the price of the medical dry film was reduced to less than 50 RMB per square meter. The days when international giants seized high monopoly profits were gone forever.

Nanyang CLEAR’s R&D base is located in Shenzhen. Why is the production base settled in Nanyang? Zhang Heping said, “I went out of the Nanyang. Now I have the chance. I want to serve my hometown and bring real benefits to my hometown people. At the same time, it also has certain basic industrial advantages — the leading enterprise of producing medical film consumables, such as Lucky Huaguang, has more than 10 production lines, so that Nanyang CLEAR can “get materials locally”

The Entrepreneur of Nanyang Created the "Miracle of Nanyang CLEAR"Nanyang CLEAR’s medical film has just been put on the market and has been “blocked” by international giants by means of price reduction and promotion. However, Nanyang CLEAR, with its own R&D technology and production patents, has been fighting for international giants with its excellent quality and low cost. It has been continuously “attacking cities and lands”, firmly occupied more than 30% of the domestic market, and has become a pivotal enterprise in this field.

Zhang Heping told reporters that before the medical film coating integrated production line, only Japanese and Korean enterprises could produce it. They were determined to break the technological monopoly. In just over a year, they completed the design of the whole set of equipment and handed it to domestic manufacturers for production. To make Mr. Zhang be proud that the production line from design, research, and development to manufacturing and assembly is all self-innovation “made in China”. Not only is it more automated than foreign similar products, but the cost is only 1/10 of the latter.

Nanyang CLEAR has also developed a medical information network platform. Zhang Heping said that this set of “Internet+” health management system, which integrates telemedicine monitoring, early warning, disposal, and health management, has opened the “four-dimensional” health channel of municipal hospitals, rehabilitation centers, doctors, and patients’ families through intelligent wearable devices, big data background analysis, and intelligent processing system, and is the first intelligent medical system to be put into operation in China. At present, the self-service cloud service platform has entered more than 600 hospitals in Beijing, Zhengzhou, Nanyang, and other parts of the country, and has seamlessly joined the Nanyang CLEAR medical film into the medical industry.

The Entrepreneur of Nanyang Created the "Miracle of Nanyang CLEAR"“In terms of film production’s hardware and data platform’s software, we have obtained six software certificates, more than 50 independent research and development patents, and are no longer afraid of being blocked.” Zhang Heping proudly said.

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