JUDcare in CHIMA 2019

From July 4 to July 7, sponsored by the information society of the China Hospital Association, the annual conference of China’s Hospital Information Association (CHIMA 2019) is held in the International Convention and Exhibition Center.

As a leader and practitioner in the field of medical informationization, JUDcare made a brilliant appearance in CHIMA 2019 with its new products and professional solutions and made a panoramic presentation and in-depth discussion on how to help hospital intelligent service grading evaluation.

JUDcare in CHIMA 2019

JUDcare has 108 square meters of high color and a large exhibition area in the exhibition. Simple and technology-rich silver design shines JUDcare‘s technological light, while JUDcare‘s excellent product solution is what makes people stop for a long time.

JUDcare in CHIMA 2019

In this exhibition, the JUDcare booth is evaluated according to the level of hospital intelligent service. It is divided into four sections from 1 to 5 for a centralized display. It is convenient for visitors to be more accurate and intuitive, and to understand how JUDcare builds intelligent service plans for each level.JUDcare in CHIMA 2019

During the exhibition, Louis Liu (the former deputy director of the State Health Planning Commission), Wang Cai (president of the China Hospital Association, director of the information management Specialized Committee of the China Hospital Association), and other leaders came to visit the JUDcare booth. Mr. Long Han (deputy general manager of JUDcare) accompanied him to visit and gave a detailed report to the leaders of JUDcare‘s wisdom service solution, which was highly affirmed by your leaders.

JUDcare in CHIMA 2019

At this CHIMA conference, JUDcare‘s new generation of one-stop bank medical devices with face recognition functions are showcased to the public. 43-inch super screen, unique dual-camera design in the industry, second-speed face recognition, 100% recognition accuracy rate, 145cm–190cm recognition breadth… Bright appearance design, plus excellent human-machine interaction, image interpretation of what is “beauty and wisdom”, outstanding.

JUDcare in CHIMA 2019

At 14 o’clock on July 5, JUDcare invited several industry elites to hold a new product exchange meeting in the form of topic sharing and in-depth exchanges with the theme of “Future Hospital Intelligence Services”. It conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the grading evaluation of hospital intelligence services.

JUDcare in CHIMA 2019At the meeting, the deputy general manager of JUDcare showed participants the achievements of JUDcare in the construction of smart hospitals in recent years and specifically explained how JUDcare will help the hospital intelligent service grading assessment accurately. He pointed out: With the advent of the 5G+AI information revolution, JUDcare has also ushered in new development. JUDcare will continue to use technology and commerce to empower health and create greater value for human healthy life and continue to focus on the application of technology in medical scenes with our own advantages. As always, JUDcare will never forget our original minds and continue to move forward.

JUDcare in CHIMA 2019The popularity of the product exchange meeting boomed, attracting nearly 100 participants to stop and participate in the interaction. The wonderful sharing and in-depth interaction have aroused their strong interest in JUDcare‘s intelligent service grading evaluation solutions and expressed their intention to further exchange and cooperation.

JUDcare in CHIMA 2019As a national high-tech enterprise that integrates software and hardware, and has been deeply engaged in hospital informationization for many years, JUDcare products span Online + offline, and have a complete ecological industry chain, which can accurately dock the grading evaluation of hospitals intelligent services at level 1-5.

JUDcare in CHIMA 2019In addition to relying on its strong R&D and application capabilities, JUDcare also insists on continuously improving the industrial ecological chain, expanding the comprehensive layout of diversification, and cooperating with a number of powerful enterprises. For example, as a key force and important support for the transformation of Peking Union Medical College Hospital’s informatization construction mode, Peking Union Medical Information Technology Co., Ltd. has its own resource advantages and strong technical strength, at this meeting, JUDcare will cooperate with Peking Union Medical Information Technology Co., Ltd., which will greatly promote the development of JUDcare in medical data, artificial intelligence, medical information, and other fields.     

At the same time, JUDcare also participated in the exhibition as a regional service partner of Dingding medicine at Dingding booth.

JUDcare in CHIMA 2019

In the future, the subsidiary of JUDcare, Tiejiang Digital Health Technology Co., Ltd., is committed to becoming the flagship operation service provider of the southern part of China and Central China of Dingding Digital Hospital.

Based on hospitals and serving patients, we will never change our minds and create the future wisely. Adhering to the mission of technology and commerce, JUDcare will continue to use smart and innovative medical solutions to bring more efficient and convenient intelligence services to patients. It will help hospitals promote medical services upgrading, explore medical informatization, and build healthy Chinese dreams.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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