Cixi City Works with JUDcare to Build Modern Intelligent Medical City

About Cixi: Cixi is named for that there is a stream in the south, Dong An “filial piety of mother, kindness and son” of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Cixi is located on the south coast of Hangzhou Bay and the coast of the East China Sea. It is the birthplace of the “Ceramic Road on the Sea”. In addition to Cixi’s classical civilization, long-term and far-reaching heritage, Cixi today leads innovation and serves the people’s livelihood, becoming the happiest city in China!

In recent years, in order to better enhance the well-being of the whole people, Cixi has actively deepened the reform of the medical and health system, aiming at unified application, meeting the unified application requirements of the medical association model of medical institutions at all levels, and expecting to build an intelligent, cooperative and mutually recognized urban medical association. At the end of last year, Cixi Municipal Bureau of Health and Planning and JUDcare launched in-depth cooperation, to actively implement the JUDcare one-stop bank-hospital self-service system, to achieve full coverage of all public medical institutions in the city.

Cixi City Works with JUDcare to Build Modern Intelligent Medical City

At present, 25 public medical institutions in Cixi City have laid 250 units of JUDcare one-stop self-service equipment, reaching the proportion of one for every 50,000 visits. They have provided 900,000 self-registration services and 980,000 self-payment fees for patients, with a total payment amount of RMB 100 million. It greatly reduces the pressure of hospital artificial windows and effectively improves the efficiency of medical treatment.

This cooperation has constructive significance for Cixi City’s medical service. It not only helps all public hospitals in Cixi city to transform from traditional and single manual service mode to a new era of self-service but also lays a solid foundation for the construction of an urban intelligent medical ecosystem.

Cixi City Works with JUDcare to Build Modern Intelligent Medical City

In the future, JUDcare Co-operation is looking forward to the solution of image cloud service, intelligent hospital, and chronic disease care, which will help Cixi to continue its efforts in the medical field and promote the construction of Cixi City Medical Union in an all-round way. Through the support of eight business platforms, users electronic health records, continuous records of electronic medical records, and information sharing in the medical union can be realized, and Cixi institutions at all levels can be helped to carry out convenience business such as appointment, two-way referral, health management, and telemedicine public service, so as to provide Cixi citizens with safer, more effective and more convenient medical services to promote the deep integration of advanced technologies such as mobile Internet and big data with medical health and add a strong color to the great blueprint of building a healthy China. It is believed that in the near future, Cixi will be at the forefront and lead a new direction of intelligent medical treatment.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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