JUDcare Presents Four “new” Highlights in CHIMA2018

On July 15, 2018, with the end of the World Cup, the annual CHIMA grand event in the field of medical informatization also came to an end simultaneously. As an innovator in the field of big health solutions, JUDcare‘s appearance is full of “new” ideas. It not only has a series of new intelligent hospitals to help, but also has a joint interpretation of various innovative schemes such as Medical Association 1+8, Cloud Image, Chest Pain Center, Chronic Disease Management, and so on. It has become the focus of attention of many exhibitors and customers. At this CHIMA conference, JUDcare brought the following new highlights.

New Highlights 1: New Products Bring on a Brilliant Show

Create with your mind and move you with “new”! The CHIMA conference, JUDcare stunning first show new one-stop bank medical device, not only bring face recognition and other innovative functions but also let everyone experience “no card” free, intelligent guidance, intelligent algorithm analysis and other technology applications refreshing, pleasant surprises, brighter eye design, better human-machine interaction, more payment channels. What’s more, new products have ushered in new horizons! Now, on the second day of the general assembly, Wang Cai (the president of the Chinese Hospital Association, chairman of the China Hospital conference, the former deputy director of the national statistical center of the Ministry of Health), and other leaders of the Ministry of Health, visited the JUDcare booth and gave a highly valued visit.

JUDcare Presents Four "new" Highlights in CHIMA2018

New Highlight 2: Intelligent Hospital, Innovative Application

On top of the new products, JUDcare has demonstrated the innovative application service system of smart hospitals with the whole process as the core. It has equipped with multi-entry intelligent medical platforms such as APP, Qi, and so on to provide palmtop medical services for patients before, during, and after diagnosis. JUDcare provides BI intelligent decision-making, comprehensive payment platform and operation and maintenance management platform, effectively provides data support for hospital management decision-making, reduces the burden of external payment and settlement, and promotes the intelligent transformation of hospital informatization.

JUDcare Presents Four "new" Highlights in CHIMA2018

New highlight 3: situational awareness, synergy

Based on the comprehensive integration of medical informationization, JUDcare actively responds to the call of the state by offering the 1+8 wisdom scheme of the Medical Association, expanding eight innovative service platforms: graded diagnosis and treatment, telemedicine, whole process medical treatment, chronic disease management, one-card management, comprehensive payment, operation supervision and operation, and maintenance management, which provides tailor-made solutions for the construction of the medical union, and accelerate the construction of medical informationization in all directions.

JUDcare Presents Four "new" Highlights in CHIMA2018

Not only that, but JUDcare also strives to build BI immersive touch management through the operation supervision platform of the Medical Association. Through strong BI technical support and penetration, it builds a multi-level cockpit for deans and department directors, flexible and towable business combination mode, and effectively helps hospitals to realize the visualization and standardization of IT intelligent decision-making and intelligent hierarchical management.

New Highlights Four: Medical Union’s Ecological Enabling Forward

The real highlight is coming. In this information banquet, JUDcare not only brings new technology information products, but also takes medical health as the perspective, focusing on the health of all the people, bringing the Omni-directional Internet+ medical health ecological solution, such as chest pain center, image cloud, diabetes management, and so on, setting off an era of medical reform.

As far as the empowerment of hospital and service patients are concerned, the JUDcare smart medical solutions serve the vast number of medical industry users nationwide, covering the national 3,000+ hospitals, including the 800+ large three grade hospitals including Guangdong General Hospital, Nanyang, Zhangjiagang, Wujin, Cixi and other intelligent medical benchmarking cities, which provide service for more than 100 million of the patients and are deeply loved by patients!

We believe that at the CHIMA conference, the innovative medical solutions unveiled by JUDcare will be further applied to the application scenarios of major medical institutions to provide more efficient and convenient medical services for patients. In the future, JUDcare will continue to use technology and business to empower health and help to achieve the “healthy Chinese dream” at an early date.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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