JUDcare Regional Medical Institutions Supervisory New Scheme is On-line

For a long time, there are many pain points in the supervision of grass-roots medical institutions, such as a large staff base, heavy supervision tasks, lack of information sharing, and loopholes in supervision, which seriously restrict the healthy development of the medical and health industry. Based on this, JUDcare has independently developed and integrated on-line monitoring platform for regional medical institutions at all levels of health authorities of Nanyang City.

So, how can JUDcare solve the regulatory problem with a “technical edge”? Please listen to me explain to you one by one.

Background: Nanyang is the first largest population in the province. It has 11 million 940 thousand residents and a large number of medical institutions. The city has 9,772 medical and health institutions, 27,956 licensed (Assistant) doctors, 28,184 licensed nurses, and 12,229 rural doctors. The health supervision task is very heavy.

JUDcare Regional Medical Institutions Supervisory New Scheme is On-lineIn view of the prominent problems of heavy workload and heavy tasks in the supervision of the medical institutions of Nanyang city, JUDcare has set up a comprehensive supervision platform for the regional medical institutions from the actual needs of supervision. The platform can focus on monitoring the basic information of medical institutions, regulatory information of health and technical personnel, licensing of medical institutions, the clinical application of medical special technology, administrative punishment, bad behavior score, annual efficacy, medical advertisement examination, and approval, etc., covering all the district and county hospitals, out-patient departments, clinics, township hospitals, maternity, and child care centers and other medical institutions in Nanyang to meet the needs of health supervision in Nanyang City.

The comprehensive supervision platform of regional medical institutions has built a health supervision network covering the whole market, which can realize the interconnection and interconnection of medical information at all levels of health management institutions of Nanyang. At the same time, comprehensive and real medical data can help health regulators to understand and master the basic operation and basic information of all primary medical institutions and medical personnel in Nanyang. It is a powerful tool for the supervision of regional medical institutions to really get through the “last mile” from the implementation level.

JUDcare Regional Medical Institutions Supervisory New Scheme is On-lineThe comprehensive supervision information platform of regional medical institutions established in Nanyang by JUDcare is not only a data sharing and monitoring platform, but also a comprehensive and comprehensive supervision system in advance, in and after the event. The basic information of each institution, the examination and approval of the administrative license, the daily inspection and administrative punishment, the basic files of medical workers, teaching and academic research, medical activities, and other information can be monitored online in a timely manner on the platform. It has increased the transparency of health supervision, standardized the evaluation system of medical behavior, and improved the ability to identify problems, prevent and resolve major risks.

The establishment of a comprehensive regulatory platform for regional medical institutions in Nanyang is a concentrated portrayal of JUDcare‘s efforts to assist the government and medical institutions in promoting the spirit of “Internet+ intelligent medical” construction.

In the future, JUDcare will continue to take the task of promoting healthy China as its mission. It will use technology and commerce to promote health and explore the path of innovation-driven development, contributing to the transformation and upgrading of the country’s medical industry.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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