Medical Radiography Imaging Clear Specified Ink

JUDcare provides medical radiography imaging clear specified ink. The ink allows inkjet films to show professional medical imaging effects for doctors to diagnose. The Ink is produced in a clean and dust-free workshop. The ink is pure and has few impurities. It can effectively avoid the blocking phenomenon of the print head to not hurt the print head which could be used for a long time. The ink points are fine and even to ensure that the printing is clear, bright, stable, and firm. Printing is durable, stain-resistant, fast-drying. Positioning at high-end standards with focusing on medical imaging printing solutions, special production technology of CLEAR Specified Ink is adopted to ensure that the maximum black density of the printed medical dry film is higher than 3.0D, which fully meets the diagnostic requirements of medical images.

Basic Parameters

● Color: Cyan(2#), Magenta(3#), Yellow(4#), Black(1#);
● Media Type: Medical dry film(Inkjet);
● Application Fields: X-ray, CT, and MRI;
● Package: 70ml per bottle, 5 bottles per set;
● Printed Sheets: About 750 sheets of RIF-8×10in for DR, about 270 sheets of RIF-13×17in for MRI.

Basic Parameters

● Color: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black;
● Media Type: Medical color film(Inkjet);
● Application Fields: Ultrasound, PET-CT, etc.;
● Package: 70ml per bottle, 5 bottles per set;
● Printed Sheets: About 620 sheets of WIF-A4 for Ultrasound, about 270 sheets of WIF-13×17in for PET-CT.

Basic Parameters

● Color: C(2#), M(3#), Y(4#), MBK(5#), MBK(5#), BK(1#);
● Media Type: Medical dry film or medical color film;
● Application Fields: X-ray, CT, PET-CT, and MRI;
● Package: 130ml per bottle, 6 bottles per set;
● Printed Sheets: About 560 sheets of RIF-14×17in for MRI;
● Printer: 366-5, 366-6.


★ Durable: Be highly durable with coated media;
★ Vivid color performance: Wide color gamut for producing excellent high resolution images;
★ Environment-friendly: Clogging-free and odorless;
★ Efficient: Fast drying, print fluently without break lines;
★ Compatible: Epson (L313, L310, L130, L1300); Canon (G1000, G1010, G1810).

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