JUDcare X-Ray Stand Bucky Trolley

JUDcare X-Ray bucky stand trolley is composed of agile rotating arm, smart locking device, steady stand column, optional holding basket and a smooth mobile base. It can hold wet film cassette, CR cassette, wired or wireless Flat Panel Detectors with sizes of 14*17in and 17 *17in to meet numerous head, chest, arms, legs, especially feet etc. radiology shooting needs easily with all needed positions covered.


● Brand: JUDcare;
● Compatible System: Wet, CR or DR X-ray system;
● Compatible Sizes: 14×17in, 17×17in etc.
● Applicable Body Parts: Head, chest, abdomen, pelvis, arms, legs, feet etc.
● Rotation Range: 180 degrees to the left and right; -50/+30 degrees up and down;
● Trolley Height: 145cm;
● Supporting Weight: 0-12kg;
● Packaging Dimensions: 57*51*43.4CM + 151.8*12.5*20.5CM;
● Packaging Weight: 27.5Kg.


★ Compact design with flexible and smooth movement;
★ Steady and super-persistent with advanced mechanical design;
★ Applicable for field rescues and numerous scenarios;
★ Covering all shooting parts needed;
★ Combining functions of both the FPD holder and x-ray bed.

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