Glory • JUDcare won the “Top Contribution Award for New Medical Imaging Films.”

Inheritance and innovation, and seek common development. From October 22 to 25th, 2015, the 23rd National Imaging Technology Academic Conference of the Chinese Medical Association and the 10th Academic Annual Conference of the Imaging Technology Branch of the Guangxi Medical Association were grandly held in beautiful Nanning, Guangxi, with the theme of ”The Society’s Centennial Celebration,Imaging Technology Accuracy”. The conference gathered medical imaging technology experts and peers from all over the country, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and other regions, at the same time, peers from Korea, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Italy and other countries were also invited to participate in the conference. The progress and development of medical imaging technology and diagnosis were discussed at the conference (CT, MRI, digital imaging, PACS, mammography, bioengineering and imaging education, etc.).

On October 22, the Imaging Equipment Quality Review Committee of the 23rd National Imaging Technology Academic Conference of the Chinese Medical Association awarded the “Highest Contribution Award for New Medical Imaging Films” to Shenzhen JUDcare Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as JUDcare),in recognition of JUDcare’s outstanding performance and contribution to promoting the continuous innovation and wide application of global medical imaging technology. This is a great encouragement and recognition of the JUDcare, a national brand, by the authoritative experts of the Imaging Technology Professional Committee of the Chinese Medical Association!

Innovation is the soul of an enterprise’s development. After winning the “Medical Imaging Film Innovation Award” in 2012 and the first time experts from the Imaging Technology Professional Committee of the Chinese Medical Association recognized JUDcare products, in just three years, JUDcare people continue to work hard, innovate the application of technology, and use more advanced technology and mature professional products to win the high praise and affirmation of medical imaging technology experts again at this conference!

Time flies. The sun and the moon are like shuttles. Since the company’s establishment in 2008, JUDcare has quietly gone through 7 extraordinary times. Seven years in the long river of history is just a an instant, but forJUDcare, it is——

Seven years of hard work, overcoming difficulties;

Seven years of innovating technology and forging ahead on the road of revitalizing national brands;

Seven years of firm belief, dream, and pursuit of excellence;

Seven years from scratch, from small to large and gradually becoming stronger;

JUDcare has shouldered the heavy responsibility and fulfilled the mission, promoted the reform of the medical imaging industry, and won glory for domestic medical care for seven years.

In 2015, as a leading national brand enterprise, JUDcare launched a “one-stop” self-service system after years of technical research and thorough research, which fully realizes that all non-diagnostic links are completed by the patients themselves and has become a domestic self-service in hospitals. It has led the new era of medical self-service!

By the end of September 2015, JUDcare has implemented electronic operations and self-service services for more than 300 large-scale third-level and above hospitals across the country and has won unanimous praise and high praise from users, demonstrating the influence of national brands in the field of medical self-help power and competitiveness!

Facing the future, JUDcare will continue to be committed to being a practitioner of dreams, with stronger development momentum and technological innovation to help the development of the industry, open a new era of self-service, and lead the new future of smart hospitals!

Our progress is obvious to all!

Do everything possible to satisfy users and do everything possible to serve the patient.

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