Henan Provincial People Hospital

Henan Provincial People Hospital is located in Zhengzhou city, with more than 110 years of history, formerly known as the “Gospel Hospital” opened in 1904 by the Chinese Christian interior. Henan Provincial People Hospital has 11 national clinical specialist construction projects, 18 clinical disciplines of Henan Province, 5 academician workstations, 17 national training centers, and 42 quality control, treatment, and research centers. Adhering to the hospital spirit of “benevolence, learnedness, rigor, and excellence”, the principle of “People’s Hospital serves the people” and always provides the public with high-quality medical services.

JUDcare is one of the first high-tech enterprises in Henan Province identified in 2016. “Implementing a healthy China strategy, popularizing fair and convenient health services and improving the quality of national health and living” is the common vision both for Henan Provincial People Hospital and JUDcare. JUDcare’s “hospital self-service cloud platform” will continue to help upgrade hospitals in Henan Province, building modern and intelligent hospitals, meanwhile, create the industry benchmark and work together to build a new blueprint for healthy China.

Henan Provincial People Hospital

JUDcare and Henan Provincial People Hospital have always maintained in-depth cooperation. “Improving the patient experience” has become the most important part of our cooperation. In September 2016, JUDcare Hospital-wide self-service cloud platform deployed in Henan Provincial People Hospital brought many conveniences for patients. It includes 116 new intelligent self-service devices such as a one-stop bank medical device, a self-service medical examination system, and self-service medical records printing.

(1) The first step of “Healthy China”: Win inefficiency, the hospital self-service become the benchmark of the intelligent hospital.

As a prestigious large tertiary hospital, Over 3 million patients visit Henan Province People Hospital annually. After the deployment of the JUDcare self-service medical system, there is no need for patients to wait in a long queue. A single JUDcare device can satisfy all non-medical processes like recharge, registration, payment, report printing, billing inquiries, etc. Thus, this system can save almost 1 hour for each patient. It will help Henan Province People Hospital to become a model hospital in Henan.

Henan Provincial People Hospital

(2) The second step of “Healthy China”: lead future technology. Base on Cloud Computing and big data.

“Based on hospital information services, regional medical information services, with the support of cloud computing and big data, and finally create a future intelligent hospital.” Is the goal of Henan Provincial People Hospital, also JUDcare’s lofty ambition.

Based on advanced cloud architecture technology, the JUDcare Cloud Imaging Service Platform focuses on the remote diagnosis, teleconsultation, and distance education, building a bridge between hospitals, patients, and experts and also providing high-quality on-line cloud medical services. JUDcare is willing to help Henan Provincial People Hospital to build core service capabilities and further promote the rational distribution of medical resources so as to implement the concept of a healthy Chinese strategy.

Henan Provincial People Hospital

The achievements of grading diagnosis and treatment of Henan Provincial People Hospital were highly affirmed by the CCTV news network. The hospital established a grading medical service system with 17 municipal hospitals and 111 county-level hospitals across the province through the Internet. And more than 7,300 cases of oncology patients get treatment in primary hospitals which are a model pioneer in response to the national health care reform policy.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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