Henan South-North Water Transfer Industry Fund and JUDcare officially Reached an Investment Relationship

On the morning of June 27, 2017, the Henan South-North Water Transfer Counter-Collaborative Industry Investment Fund and the Giant Ding Medical and Nanyang CLEAR Technology Co., Ltd. held an investment cooperation project signing ceremony in Shenzhen. Mr. Ning Zhanping, Mr. Huang Zengxue, Mr. Huang Zengxue, Mr. Jiang Yi (Chairman of JUDcare), and Mr. Zhao Zhiqiang (General Manager of JUDcare) signed the cooperation agreement. The signing ceremony was successfully completed under the witness of the Secretary of the Board, Ms. Peng Yajun, Guo Feng, and financial consultants. The South-to-North Water Transfer Fund will invest in Nanyang CLEAR’s special investment in the medical information service field to build a smart health ecosystem. The signing of the contract means that JUDcare has once again taken a solid step to create a blueprint for the “Internet+ smart medical industry kingdom”.Henan South-North Water Transfer Industry Fund and JUDcare officially Reached an Investment RelationshipThe investment fund for the south-to-north water diversion industry was established under the direct leadership of the Henan provincial development and reform commission and the active participation of social capital. Aiming at the development direction of the Beijing-Henan counterpart cooperation industry, it aims to invest in excellent enterprises with high growth potential and huge growth potential, and promote Beijing-Henan collaborative innovation and development with financial capital.

The special fund has promoted the precision capital poverty alleviation work in a way that invests in outstanding enterprises with high growth potential and huge growth potential in Nanyang City and helps to promote regional coordinated development. Nanyang CLEAR Technology Co., Ltd. is affiliated with JUDcare, an innovative national medical enterprise specializing in the self-service system of medical information technology and the research, development, production, sales, and service of the medical films. It plays an important role in promoting local employment, realizing the universalization of medical information service objects, and intelligentizing medical and health management services.Henan South-North Water Transfer Industry Fund and JUDcare officially Reached an Investment Relationship

Relying on fund investment and continuous value-added service support, JUDcare will continue to grow bigger and stronger and achieve leap-forward development in the medical business field. On the other hand, this investment will also help the South-to-North Water Transfer Fund to maximize its own special role. The accelerating agent for strengthening the people’s livelihood, stabilizing the growth rate, and promoting the development goals of the region is a “three-win” situation shared by the government and management departments, investors, and invested companies.

JUDcare and the South-to-North Water Transfer Industrial Investment Fund are the passionate collisions of technology, services, and capital in the medical field. As an excellent service provider in the field of medical informatization, JUDcare has the advantages of high growth and independent research and development. Deep cooperation with strong capital is a win-win cooperation model that strengthens the people’s livelihood.Henan South-North Water Transfer Industry Fund and JUDcare officially Reached an Investment RelationshipWith the signing of the contract, the two sides have established a comprehensive strategic partnership, JUDcare will continue to strengthen in-depth cooperation in the field of medical information services, infrastructure, etc., and promote the cooperation of the tree in the future to produce more reciprocal results. At the same time, JUDcare will not forget the initial heart, based on its own medical business, play the advantages of research and development and service, and continue to make unremitting efforts to build a connected and intelligent medical ecosystem.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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