From Xray Film to Medical Imaging Solution Provider


The annual sales of medical dry film is nearly 20 million square meters, with customers in more than 3,500 hospitals and more than 50 countries. JUDcare has completed its pre-IPO preparations and is on its way to going public.


JUDcare accelerated the reform and made full face recognition for medical treatment, so as to create an online and offline stereoscopic medical treatment scene. JUDcare was awarded as a well-known brand in Shenzhen, demonstrating its brand strength.


2018 was a new starting point, ready for departure for JUDcare. JUDcare, based on image AI, maked great efforts to move forward, fully opened the first year of data AI, and created a great medical and health industry kingdom.


JUDcare cooperated with over 800 large tertiary hospitals, over 3,000 hospital customers, and benefited people for nearly 100 million times, successfully helping Zhangjiagang city, Nanyang City, Wujin District of Changzhou city and Cixi City to build a "benchmark city" of smart medical, further promoting the construction of graded diagnosis and treatment, and building a smart medical ecosystem.


JUDcare made another breakthrough by integrating resources in the fields of smart medical treatment and big health industry, promoting the deep integration of information technology and medical health, and obtaining $50 million B+ round of financing.


JUDcare launched a one-stop bank medical device, which covers the whole process of non-diagnosis and treatment with a single device and builds a new professional, modern, information-based, humanized and integrated intelligent hospital in an all-round way.


JUDcare launched the a new hospital self-service system, which realized multi-channel simultaneous speed-printing, bringing a brand new medical experience to patients. The system marked the arrival of the era of one-stop self-service.


The radiological imaging service system of JUDcare was listed ceremoniously, and quickly entered large general hospitals such as Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, First Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University, etc.


JUDcare obtained $10 million A round of financing from SoftBank in Japan, and went from X-ray film manufacturer to medical imaging solution provider.


JUDcare won "Academic Support Award" and "Innovation Award of Medical Imaging Film" which was the first award presented by The Chinese Medical Association since its establishment.


JUDcare has invested millions of dollars in independent innovation and research, and built a first-class digital medical imaging technological company. They developed medical dry films and medical color films, which quickly occupied the Chinese market and became the leading domestic enterprises in the medical film market.

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