Intelligent Healthcare in Nanyang City

With the popularity of “Internet+” thinking in all fields of society, medical “Internet+” has become the mainstream trend of the industry. New technologies such as big data, mobile healthcare, and cloud computing are evolving rapidly, releasing tremendous energy and transforming the concept of smart medicine from virtual to reality.

A mobile phone can find the nearest hospital, doctor information, you can register, appointment, download the diagnostic report, you can also communicate online with the doctor or even remote consultation at home. In the hospital, there is no more congestion in the lobby, the imaging printing center is no longer crowded, smart, and convenient medical services will become popular in future Nanyang.

In order to accelerate the construction of smart healthcare and provide better and better medical services to urban and rural residents, Nanyang Smart Medicine Project Symposium was grandly held in Nanyang Hotel on January 20, 2016. The meeting was led by Nanyang Health and Family Planning Commission and Shenzhen Junding Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.(JUDcare) was invited to participate as an enterprise representative of an intelligent healthcare project.Intelligent Healthcare in Nanyang City

The meeting pointed out that under the guidance of the national and provincial internet+ development strategies, Nanyang Intelligent Medical Project is accomplished by cities and based on the actual situation of people’s health condition. The aim is to enhance the smart medical cooperation level, service, and operation mode, establish a new type of smart healthcare industry chain, also promote the optimal allocation of medical resources, and make medical treatment more accessible for the urban and rural residents.

Intelligent Healthcare in Nanyang City
JUDcare helps create a unique Nanyang “intelligent healthcare”.

At the meeting, Mr. Zhao (general manager of JUDcare) demonstrated and elaborated on the new ideas of intelligent healthcare projects.

He said that under the guidance of the overall goal of establishing an intelligent healthcare system in Nanyang City. JUDcare will do its best to push forward this project step by step. Eventually, promote the development of Nanyang’s medical service.

Based on the hospital-wide information exchange system (including doctor’s electronic signature, report printing self-service system, and online notification), JUDcare regional intelligent medical service is extended to all tertiary medical institutions, secondary hospitals, and other medical institutions. At the same time, the phone app can also query the diagnostic results. Even patients and their relatives in the same hospital but in different departments, check reports obtained on the phone and in the hospital are the same.

In addition, the use of the JUDcare regional intelligent medical platform can also help establish a remote imaging center, remote consultation center, and other platforms in order to exchange information and medical resources at all levels.

JUDcare regional intelligent healthcare is guided by the government, invested by enterprises. It is beneficial to hospitals and patients, its advantages are as follows:

1) Regional platform: Courier supports the construction of a public cloud and private cloud platform to make the exchange of medical information not restricted by area, time, and terminal;

2) The hospital with HIS, LIS, PACS, and other basic information systems can be integrated into the regional intelligent medical platform;

3) Data security: Information security system consists of information security level protection, patient privacy protection, digital certification, emergency recovery system. There is no need for hospitals to worry about data leakage;

4) “What you see is what you get”: Reports provided by self-service terminals, mobile APP are signed by the hospital doctor, they have the force of law;

5) Can make full use of the government’s current health information platform.

With the launch of the project, the construction of the Nanyang Intelligent Medical Project will focus on three major sectors in 2016:

1) Hospital internal system construction: Build one-stop self-service system, hospital-based CA system, and hospital integration platform for the city’s public hospitals;

2) Data Center and Regionalization Platform Construction: Including Data Center, intelligent Medical web portals, residents medical card and Card Reader, Centralized Payment Platform, Regional Mobile Medical APP, WeChat Public Account and so on;

3) Remote diagnosis center construction: Including a remote diagnosis system, remote consultation system, image service, regional image cloud platform, and online education center.

Intelligent Healthcare in Nanyang City
Promote information sharing 
Government and enterprises jointly enhance public health.

Director Zhao Zhiqiang said that the Wisdom Medical Project is a systematic people-benefit project. All departments will cooperate with the government and social partners to actively promote Nanyang’s health informatization process. Create a high-quality medical service for the general public.

Director Zhao Zhiqiang is very confident about the future. He said: Under the leadership of the city’s special committee, we hope Nanyang “smart medical” project will build an intelligent management system covering health resources, medical services, public health, medical security, and family planning. Through the use of medical big data, we provide the public with medical services including registration, self-checkup services of medical examination results, self-service diagnostic report printing, online health records, and other services. This will make it easier for residents to see a doctor. In the future, with the deep implementation of intelligent medical projects, JUDcare will also make use of new internet technologies and constantly innovate our services. Continuing to improve citizen’s health in Nanyang.

JUDcare Intelligent Healthcare Project is a popular project through PPP cooperation mode. It was implemented in the case of zero investment by the government and medical institutions. Directed by some policies in the 13th Five-year Plan and the NHFPC plan for ‘further improving medical services’. It can significantly improve the patient’s medical experience through the product’s system including an intelligent self-service terminal, cloud platform, and service. It also rationalizes the distribution of medical resources so that the general public can have high-quality medical treatment at home. At the same time, medical institutions will be fully interoperable with each other, this can build a huge platform for health data which will enhance the patient experience and reduce their cost.

JUDcare is committed to establishing an information system covering healthcare institutions to achieve inter-agency and inter-departmental health information interoperability and data sharing. It also accelerates the coordination of all kinds of medical and health services at all levels, promotes regional coordination, improves the efficiency of medical and health services, and provides comprehensive, accurate, and timely information for all levels of government and departments.  Provide citizens with life-long, high-quality intelligent health services.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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