Intelligent Healthcare in Zhangjiagang City

In May 2017, the Health and Family Planning Commission of Zhangjiagang achieved the Grade V-B accreditation in the result list of the evaluation of the standardization maturity review of the national healthcare information interconnection. And become the first institution in China that pass the review of interoperability with Level V. in recent years, Zhangjiagang has actively promoted the construction of health information, it is the first city that establishes a regional health information platform in Jiangsu province. The platform takes the three databases as its core, including population resources, electronic health records, and electronic medical records. Thus, establishing an electronic health record for every resident in the city, significantly improved people’s medical experience.

In order to further strengthen the standardization and pragmatic application of electronic health records, promote the construction experience of the regional medical system in Zhangjiagang, a grand “Three One” project seminar was held from June 27 to 28 in Zhangjiagang City. The meeting mainly discussed the “Three One” projects, namely “each family has a qualified family doctor, each resident has a dynamically managed electronic health record and also a fully functioning resident health card.” The meeting also summed up the great achievements within the field of building a medical data platform and population electronic health record system.Intelligent Healthcare in Zhangjiagang City

Xu Pingguan (vice mayor of Zhangjiagang City) said at the meeting that JUDcare is a leading provider of regional medical and health solutions. The Zhangjiagang Regional Medical and Health Information Platform effectively integrates and gathers healthy data resources through the construction of “Internet+” by Courier with the aim of building a medical union that is interconnected and interoperable with each other.Intelligent Healthcare in Zhangjiagang City

Hospital self-service cloud service platform is fully compatible with existing medical business systems

As an important pilot city for medical reform in Jiangsu Province, Zhangjiagang City is also the pilot area with the highest level of maturity of medical and health information interconnection throughout the country. At present, Zhangjiagang City has made remarkable achievements in the informatization of the hospital medical service system. Relying on the JUDcare hospital self-service cloud service platform, Zhangjiagang City has established a regional medical and health information system to open up the intelligent connection between people, terminal, and data. It also provides residents with self-service which is mobile and integrated. This will fully promote the optimal allocation of medical resources, greatly enhance the level of regional medical and health services, and truly serve the public.Intelligent Healthcare in Zhangjiagang City

On the afternoon of June 27, a delegation headed by Lan Qing (Assistant Director of Provincial Health Planning Commission) visited Zhangjiagang First People’s Hospital and Leyu People’s Hospital and spoke highly of self-service terminals and radiographic self-service terminals in the hospital. He believes that the hospital’s self-service cloud service platform will play an important role in improving the public healthcare experience, and also help to great a new type of medical services. At present, 7 public hospitals and 12 medical clinics in Zhangjiagang City achieve full interoperability and coverage of high-speed link channels of medical treatment data between medical institutions through the JUDcare hospital self-service cloud service platform. At the same time, inspection and examination reports can be used to identify and interoperate with each other which can effectively optimize the treatment process, enhance the peak carrying capacity of the hospital and help build a new information-based, intelligent and modern hospital.Intelligent Healthcare in Zhangjiagang City

Chronic disease management platform. Real-time treatment and healthcare system

One of the contents of Zhangjiagang Regional Medical and Health Information Platform is to build a platform dedicated to providing intelligent chronic disease care to residents. Based on big data and the combination of intelligent hardware and information technologies such as the Internet and cloud computing. We provide real-time, intelligent health management for chronic disease groups. In order to achieve new full-time care and high-quality medical services mode.

Establish an electronic health record system

The goal of the construction of Zhangjiagang regional medical and health information platform is to build a mobile medical system covering all the public hospitals, community health centers, and township health centers in the city through the links of medical institutions, medical and public health departments, and the agencies both inside and outside the hospital. Establishing a unified service platform to achieve Zhangjiagang City medical big data interconnection and sharing within the region. JUDcare is building population health and electronic health record system in Zhangjiagang. The existing electronic health records are 1.03 million copies. Healthcare institutions can access and share the information and also they are available to residents through the Internet.

Regional health informatization, reporting on Liu Haozhe (section chief of Zhangjiagang city health development planning commission information) says, “Zhangjiagang around ‘Unicom sharing, fine management, for the mutual reciprocity’ goal, take the lead to be built and enable the regional health information platform, to realize the interconnection and sharing application; To build, tubes, tong, in principle, to establish the healthy share cloud, medical service, health service cloud, cloud comprehensive supervision and health card five covered the whole area of cloud applications, such as electronic health records system WanShanHua gradually, by means of online service, residents can check 360° full life cycle of health information.

June 28 in the morning, Lan Qing (deputy director of the provincial health development planning commission) held advance a summary statement to aim to strengthen the top-level design, study, and draw lessons from the experience of the advanced regions, implementation of health information, inter-departmental sharing applications across the line, promoting the implementation of the hierarchical diagnostic models and enhance people’s sense of health services.

At present, JUDcare has a regional health information platform in Taizhou, Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu province, and Wujin district Huimin engineering in Changzhou, Kunshan’s, Changshu’s, and Taicang’s wisdom medical construction also will gradually expand. In the future JUDcare will follow the medical health industry development trends, innovation breakthrough, promote mobile Internet using informatization technology, and so on big data such as health depth fusion, cutting-edge technology and continue to help build a truly serve the people of the modern medical system.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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