Ji’an Hospital of Shanghai East Hospital

Ji’an Hospital of Shanghai East Hospital (Ji’an Hospital of East Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University) is a public tertiary general hospital approved by the State Health Planning Commission and Jiangxi Provincial Health Planning Commission. The hospital is located at No. 80, Ji’an South Avenue in the downtown area, beside the beautiful green corridor of the ancient Houhe River. It is a major livelihood project for the municipal Party Committee and the municipal government to respond to the construction of the new area in the south of the city and promote the medical and health undertakings of Ji’an to take a new step.

As reported by CCTV (China Central Television), Ji’an Hospital of Shanghai East Hospital on CCTV has opened a new era with the support JUDcare one-stop multi-functional self-service terminal with facial recognition system, then patients can identify their ID, pay their charges with their face.Ji'an Hospital of Shanghai East Hospital

Recently, a new batch of super-popular self-service terminals, JUDcare one-stop bank-hospital, have been installed in the outpatient Hall of Ji’an Hospital, Shanghai East Hospital. They are a dual-screen, dual-display, full-featured, highly customized, a new experience of ultra-light, ultra-thin, large vertical screen, with the high facial value and full functions. Not only can you complete the registration, recharge, payment, and report printing process at second speed, but also support all the mainstream payment methods such as cash, bank card, WeChat, Alipay, social security card, and so on.
Ji'an Hospital of Shanghai East HospitalThe new JUDcare one-stop bank medical device perfectly meets the needs of the hospital, effectively improves the patient’s medical experience, realizes the whole process from an appointment, registration to recharge, payment, to report printing, and one-stop patient medical service.

From then on, patients can say goodbye to the “rush-to-see” experience of “two minutes in line for two hours” in the past and choose any JUDcare one-stop bank medical device nearby to complete all the non-diagnostic and therapeutic links in the hospital. Do not toss, do not repeat, do not run in the wrong way, easily enjoy high-quality medical services.

Ji'an Hospital of Shanghai East HospitalIn addition to the highly configurable functional modules, the unique facial recognition function of these two new models has also become a major feature of the self-service non-diagnostic business process of Ji’an Hospital of Shanghai East Hospital.     

At the same time, Ji’an Hospital of Shanghai East Hospital has become the second one-stop bank medical device’s hospital equipped with face recognition, brushing, and payment function on the national line after the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University.

In addition to the cool operation and more convenient payment experience, the biggest feature of the face recognition brush payment function is the rapid identification and authentication of patient identity. Based on this, no card medical treatment will really enter the patient’s life. After seeing a doctor without an ID card, bank card, social security card is no longer a matter, face recognition “brush face pay” minutes to resolve your medical troubles!Ji'an Hospital of Shanghai East HospitalIn the new era of science and technology, JUDcare is constantly giving more possibilities to medical services with innovative development, and using science and technology to help Ji’an Hospital of Shanghai East Hospital open a new era of intelligent medical care. In the future, JUDcare will continue to fulfill its mission of health empowerment through science and technology, and commerce, contribute to the construction of hospital informatization, contribute to the sinking of high-quality medical resources, and build an intelligent medical ecosystem.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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