Jiangsu Provincial People Hospital

Jiangsu Provincial People Hospital is the largest comprehensive hospital in Jiangsu Province, has 80 years of history. Committed to building a first-class clinical medicine center, responsible for four tasks including medical, teaching, research, and public welfare. The hospital actually has 3000 beds, with two branches, and it treated amounted to nearly 9,000 people every day.

National Health Planning Commission issued the “Thirteen Five-year plan” national population health information development plan”, proposed to comprehensively promote the “Internet+ health care” service. The interoperability between national population health information platforms and 32 provincial-level platforms should be achieved in 2017. By 2020, urban and rural residents can have standardized electronic health records and fully functional health cards. During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, Jiangsu Province, selected as the first batch of pilot provinces and cities in the construction of national health and medical big data center, made a lead. Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital has actively promoted the development of the emerging Internet medical industry, integrated information technology, and health services, and established the industry benchmark.

Jiangsu Provincial People Hospital

Jiangsu Provincial People Hospital deployed one-stop terminals and self-service check-in machines on all floors, bringing new medical services to patients:

1) Provide registration, recharging, payment, printing recharge receipts and fees, and other functions;

2) Support for cash, UnionPay cards, and PayPal payment, later will support WeChat payment and medical insurance payments;

3) Now more than 80% of patients’ pre-diagnosis process can be completed in the JUDcare terminal;

4) Self-service terminals are equipped with professional guidance staff.

At present, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital treats over 10 thousand patients per day. How to innovate service mode has become the focus of hospital reform and innovation over the years. JUDcare develops customized one-stop intelligent solutions for hospitals based on the problems they are facing. The single JUDcare terminal covers the entire pre-diagnosis process, so patients do not have to queue multiple times. It supports functions including card register, check-in, payment, printing, and so on. Can save queuing time for patients for about 1 hour. This Improve the capacity of the hospital and work efficiency, which won a good reputation for the hospital.

Jiangsu Provincial People Hospital

Relying on the industry’s leading Internet information technology and medical hardware and software terminals, JUDcare provides patients with a new healthcare experience based on healthcare big data. In the meantime, integrate demographic information, electronic health records, and electronic medical records databases.

Jiangsu Provincial People Hospital

With credentials, patients can print test results on a self-service print terminal and view high-definition images on their cell phones. In the meantime, with the electronic film data already shared in all departments, JUDcare can collect the patient’s medical record, and establishes a health file for each resident so that doctors can provide patients with better and more accurate health and medical services.

With the “Action Plan for Further Improvement of Medical Services” and the “Health China 2030” Plan, the new health care reform policies have been promulgated one after another, the country’s health care reform policy has become clearer. Improving the quality of hospital services and promoting “internet+ health care” will be the direction of future medical reform guidelines. JUDcare is willing to help Jiangsu Provincial People Hospital to play a model role. We will work together to create a population and health information platform and build China’s health dream.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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