JUDcare 8MP Smart Mobile Medical Monitor Bi-weekly Release

A few days ago, at the “Biweekly Release” high-tech fair held in Luohu district, Shenzhen city, Shenzhen Juding Medical Co., Ltd. and other key enterprises in Luohu District, as well as People’s Daily Online, Guangzhou Daily, and other media participated in the release event. JUDcare has aroused great attention from participants and on-site media with JUDcare 8MP smart mobile medical monitor.

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The JUDcare 8MP smart mobile medical monitor is a diagnostic tool in the field of medical imaging, which is equivalent to a combination of film and reading light. Doctors can read and diagnose directly on the medical monitor. The traditional medical monitor is thick, heavy, large, and immobile. JUDcare medical monitor has good portability. The entire screen is only 14.1 inches, and the thickness is only 1.2 cm.

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According to on-site technicians, if a screen is to replace the film and achieve a professional diagnosis, it must meet the standards of definition, grayscale, and color gamut. Daily consumer-grade tablet computers can hardly meet this standard. And JUDcare smart mobile medical monitor has a resolution of 8MP, a built-in medical-specific intelligent operating system, and commonly used imaging software, and is certified by the international DICOM standard, which fully meets the professional needs of medical diagnosis.

Behind the professional medical monitor is a professional team. Shenzhen Juding Medical Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is one of the important suppliers in the fields of medical film, hospital self-service equipment, and hospital informatization in China. A few years after its establishment, it has been favored by investment institutions such as SAIF Fund, Xinhua Insurance, Hongyun Jiukang, and South-to-North Water Diversion. Since its establishment, it has obtained nearly 300 patents and softworks. In recent years, JUDcare has used capital to drive human resources, improve technical capabilities, and develop an intelligent cloud image integration service platform to provide medical image information solutions for doctors and patients.

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How to make the vertical screen not only a screen, but also a diagnostic tool for doctors, especially imaging doctors? JUDcare independently developed a closed system “Hongding OS” that meets the medical information security standards, and combined the cloud image integration service platform with the medical monitor for combination innovation. It can integrate cloud film, regional imaging center, DICOM VIEWER, radiology salon, and other applications into the medical monitor, and use gestures to zoom in and out of the film, measure and mark the lesion, and also have report reading and judgment, patient information management, and remote consultation and other functions. In addition, unlike the previous medical monitor, this medical monitor is also equipped with high-energy batteries, allowing doctors to easily implement mobile offices in a variety of application scenarios.

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According to reports, JUDcare 8MP smart mobile medical monitor is compatible with software from multiple manufacturers at the same time, and can be connected with hardware from other manufacturers to provide customized systems, software, and hardware services for medical equipment manufacturers and hospitals. According to forecasts by industry insiders, this medical imaging information mobile solution will surely bring a new round of hospital services, especially medical imaging service model changes, and create a free and efficient diagnosis and office tools for doctors, and provide patients anytime, anywhere.

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