JUDcare Collecting Six Key Elements of Digital Benchmarking Intelligent Hospital

Recently, in the document “Evaluation Indicators of Action Plan for Further Improvement of Medical Services (2018-2020), published by the National Health and Health Commission, the proportion of each index in the assessment of medical services is clearly stipulated. Among them, the proportion of appointment diagnosis and treatment systems is 10%, and the proportion of assessment in intelligent hospitals is as high as 14%. This means that it is imperative to improve the process of hospital informatization construction in an all-around way.

JUDcare Intelligent Hospital Integrated Solution relies on the design concept of “Platform + Service” and takes the data exchange platform as the core, promotes the interconnection of medical institutions’ management business processes and information systems, and innovates the application of intelligent self-help terminals, whole process medical treatment, comprehensive payment platform, BI intelligent decision-making system, one-card platform and operation, and maintenance management platform and other hardware and software services, give full play to the important role of information management means in improving medical services.

JUDcare Collecting Six Key Elements of Digital Benchmarking Intelligent Hospital1) One-stop intelligent terminal, convenient and efficient self-service

JUDcare intelligent self-service terminal refers to the crux of “difficult to see a doctor and queue up”. It integrates face recognition function, appointment registration, charge payment, report printing, invoice printing, and inquiry of information in the hospital, so as to optimize the process of seeing a doctor in an all-around way and shorten the time for patients to see a doctor. JUDcare wall-mounted intelligent self-service terminal is small and light, the main call room payment, so that patients run less, so that the cost settlement is more convenient, so and medical services are more efficient.

In addition, JUDcare intelligent self-service terminal supports various payment forms such as Alipay, WeChat, bank card, social security card, and cash, etc. Patients can choose to pay fees at their own discretion, which is a good helper for patients.

2) The whole process of handheld medical treatment is intelligent and convenient mobile diagnosis and treatment

The JUDcare whole process of handheld medical treatment covers pre-treatment, in-treatment, after-treatment, pre-hospital, in-hospital, and after-hospital treatment scenarios, realizes mobile processing of medical services such as appointment registration, waiting in line, outpatient recharge and payment, report inquiry, inpatient inquiry, and deposit reservation through a mobile terminal, and intelligently distributes outpatient patients to optimize the medical treatment process and create a friendly medical environment, which integrates intelligence and convenience.

JUDcare Collecting Six Key Elements of Digital Benchmarking Intelligent HospitalNew Achievements in Hospital Management

3) BI Intelligent Decision Platform, Simpler Smart Operation

Depending on the powerful data processing ability, JUDcare BI intelligent decision-making platform can realize real-time grasping and deep research of hospital medical, teaching, research, human, financial, material, and other indicators data, facilitate decision-makers to grasp the operation of hospitals and departments in an all-round way and provide strong data support for optimizing hospital management and achieving strategic objectives.

4) Comprehensive Payment Platform, More Efficient Fine Management

Help hospitals open up various payment channels such as cash, UnionPay, bank, social security, WeChat, Alipay, and so on. The JUDcare integrated payment platform realizes full coverage of online and offline payment methods and builds a comprehensive management service system for settlement, reconciliation, and refund. Through the unified payment entry, JUDcare realizes the unified accounting management of funds from all channels, reduces the pressure of financial accounting, and effectively improves the efficiency of hospital operations.

5) One Card Platform, Better Information Management

With the card as the core, JUDcare Card Platform connects each module of the hospital’s application system, intelligently manages users basic information, card management, query, statistics, statements, financial settlement, and other information, and binds with mobile applications, realizes the unification of online and offline identities, the universality of one card, and greatly improves hospital diagnosis treatment efficiency.

6) Operation and Maintenance Management Platform, Real-time Monitoring is Guaranteed

JUDcare Operations and Maintenance Management Platform can monitor every hardware and software system 24 hours, support abnormal early warning, remote configuration, remote upgrade, and guarantee the safe operation and intelligent operation of the hospital data exchange platform in an all-around way.

JUDcare has 6 key elements of this digital benchmarking smart hospital. In addition to the above functional modules, JUDcare smart hospital comprehensive solution also supports customized services for hospitals and strives to deeply meet the needs of hospitals to create a hospital exclusive mode. In addition, JUDcare smart solution can also provide intelligent services such as image AI, Internet+ smart wearable devices, so as to improve the level of hospital information construction in multiple dimensions.

Innovation goes on, wisdom goes on. JUDcare Intelligent Hospital Comprehensive Solution has always been committed to accelerating the transformation of hospital intellectualization and improving the level of hospital information construction. In the future, JUDcare will continue to build a benchmarking model for intelligent hospitals, and use comprehensive and innovative thinking to help medical institutions optimize the quality of medical services and deepen the transformation of medical service intelligence.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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