JUDcare Drawing on Healthy China’s New Blueprint

On October 22nd, 2017, Li Bin (director of the national health and Family Planning Commission and Secretary of the Party group) put forward that we should continue to promote the construction of medical conjoined bodies and promote the grassroots level of the dominant resources. Through the establishment of a new mechanism of various forms of medical Confederation, we will promote the radiation and drive of the medical advantages resources to the difficult areas, and adopt a long-term mechanism to support the poor areas through telemedicine and group services. Medical Alliance China, health and benefit the people, let’s see how the giant tripod medical treatment deduce in the medical field and draw a new blueprint for healthy China.

JUDcare Drawing on Healthy China's New Blueprint1+8 Medical Consortium Solution Leads the New Reform of Medical Services

Under the tide of Medical Association construction, JUDcare takes full advantage of cloud computing and big data technology to launch the JUDcare 1+8 Medical Association solution and build a smart medical association. With the information platform as the core and supported by the eight business platforms of graded diagnosis and treatment, telemedicine, mobile office, comprehensive payment, public service, chronic disease management, operation and maintenance management, supervision and operation, the information sharing of medical data and electronic health records in the medical association can be realized. Grass-roots hospitals can carry out remote consultations with superior hospitals to discuss difficult cases. Experts can also understand the patient’s physical condition and provide treatment programs through the network. At the same time, they can achieve the continuity of the relevant business of diagnosis and treatment, management, and so on, and realize the integration of pre-hospital, in-hospital, and post-hospital diagnosis and treatment services and hospital management in the medical association.

Creating “Regional Image Cloud” Based on Cloud and Film

Establishing a medical image center and creating a “regional image cloud” is an important part of the construction of the information platform of the Medical Association. Based on the advanced cloud platform technology, the JUDcare regional image is based on cloud film as the carrier. Based on the Internet, cloud storage, and mobile applications, the cloud image service process is built. Relying on the huge resources of the experts, the intelligent links of people, devices, and data are opened up by the core of hierarchical diagnosis, teleconsultation, and distance education. This will comprehensively promote the construction of the Medical Union and realize the development from a single hospital to the Medical Union to a regional medical union. This will provide patients with high-quality online image cloud diagnosis services, improve the accessibility and efficiency of medical resources, and explore a new way for the national health care reform and the transformation of the medical industry.

Wisdom AI, Drawing a New Blueprint of Medical Imaging

Artificial intelligence, the next digital frontier! With the breakthroughs in artificial intelligence technology in the fields of language recognition, image recognition, and so on, artificial intelligence is subverting the future of medicine. As the pioneer of intelligent medical solutions, JUDcare took the lead in integrating AI technology into the workflow of radiologists. With the help of intelligent systems such as intelligent X-ray and intelligent CT, JUDcare assisted doctors in the diagnosis of AI. The accuracy of the level of deputy director can increase the speed of a doctor’s film reading by three times and reduce the rate of missed diagnosis by more than 40%. The clinical application of imaging AI is constantly amazing. AI assistant diagnosis system can judge whether there are lesions in X-ray films within 0.1 seconds and list the content and location of the important lesion on X-ray films within 1 second. It can provide doctors with more accurate automatic screening ability of lesions, help doctors to improve their work efficiency to the greatest extent, reduce missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis caused by visual fatigue, and initiate new word of medicine image service.

Health care, livelihood needs, health, China’s dream! In the new era, it is expected that JUDcare will continue to be guided by intelligent medicine, mobile medicine, and hospital-wide self-help, and promote the further development of intelligent medical solutions such as bank-hospital system, image self-help, hospital-wide self-help, intelligent physical examination, integrated medical record management system, remote cardiac monitoring and four-dimensional diabetes care. Through a unified information platform, JUDcare will break the information island between hospitals, subvert the traditional medical treatment mode, alleviate the problems of hospitalization, difficulty in seeing a doctor, and difficult medical treatment, so as to make it convenient for the people, for the people and for the benefit of the people, to help smart health and help healthy China.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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