JUDcare First Show in Arab Health 2019

Arab Health is the second-largest healthcare exhibition and congress in the world and the largest in the Middle East. It offers important opportunities to build relationships within the healthcare industry, to showcase progress and achievement in the sector, and explore new opportunities with stakeholders in the healthcare field. The exhibition is dominated by around 19 business, leadership, and Continuing Medical Education (CME) conferences providing the very latest updates and insights into cutting-edge procedures, techniques, and skills.

Jan. 28th to 31st, JUDcare participated in Arab Health 2019. The largest annual medical exhibition in Dubai, ArabHealth is one of the most important shows in the healthcare sector for the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and African countries.

JUDcare First Show in Arab Health 2019Picture 1  Z6E35 at Arab Health 2019

In the exhibition, JUDcare’s Inkjet Printing Solution and newly released Ultrasound Printer (361-4) made a splashing show. Inkjet Printing Solution is applicable for MRI/CT/DR/PET-CT/Ultrasound images with cost-effective advantage and qualified diagnosis image quality.  This is the first show for JUDcare at ArabHealth, during 4 days show JUDcare attracted more than 128 visitors for business negotiation.

JUDcare First Show in Arab Health 2019Picture 2  Medical Printing Solution

JUDcare First Show in Arab Health 2019

Picture 3  Medical Ultrasound Printer 361-4

Since its establishment JUDcare has been committed to innovation with the aim to provide high-quality products for Chinese hospitals, JUDcare will continue to bring more cost-effective products for the overseas market.

JUDcare First Show in Arab Health 2019Picture 4  Glimpse for Exhibition

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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