The Internet + Medical Imaging Industry Has Entered the Fast Lane

With the continuous emergence and development of big data, cloud computing, and AI technology, the pattern of medical and health services is undergoing tremendous changes. The medical image market has ushered in a golden age: the construction of image centers around the world is mushrooming, all kinds of AI applications are fully supported, and various image solutions emerge endlessly……

In this explosive growth of the soil, JUDcare, with the accumulated precipitation of 6 years and the cooperative experience of more than 3,000 hospitals, gathers five core competencies of self-service cloud service, intelligent hardware, AI assistant diagnosis, internet medical treatment, and intelligent informationization in the field of imaging to make depth vertical, and build an ecological circle of medical image connection. It provides a comprehensive digital image cloud, regional cloud platform, AI integrated box, and other intelligent medical image services for hospitals, doctors, and patients.

In the process of improving medical services, how does JUDcare Layout Medical Image Industry Chain? For this reason, Arterial Network interviewed Wu Tong (general manager of JUDcare Imaging Department), and Long Han (general manager of JUDcare HIT Department) to comprehensively interpret the story behind it.

For imaging specialist Internet properties, Wu Tong said: “in the film fully promote cloud, cloud storage, cloud PACS based on business, the giant tripod medical launched the JUDcare wisdom image cloud solutions, integrating image data set in the cloud, the realization of transmission, download, information consulting, report management capabilities, to provide high-end inquiries, institute of the image, image center, the cloud collaboration services, which effectively patients, doctors, and medical institutions.”

By digitally integrating medical image data, patients can obtain original DICOM image data and diagnostic results only by scanning two-dimensional codes and store them in the cloud to form personal electronic health files, which can not only browse in real-time but also find high-end inquiries from authoritative experts by sharing information.

The Internet + Medical Imaging Industry Has Entered the Fast LaneAccording to Artery Network, Salon APP under JUDcare has gathered 160,000+ radiologists in China. In addition to providing high-end inquiry services for patients, doctors and experts can also use fragmentation time to provide professional skills to guide, so as to achieve universal teaching and self-learning.

Strategic Layout Image AI Integration Platform, Opening Pandora Magic Box Service

With the dual benefits of policy and capital, the application of AI in medical treatment has made great progress, and major technology giants and emerging start-up companies have begun to layout the AI medical field. Unlike the vast majority of manufacturers, the AI layout of JUDcare is not to find a breakthrough in image AI algorithm and technology in a single disease at once, but to build an AI ecosystem together.

According to Long Han, “At the present stage, AI’s in-depth learning and large data technology applications have been able to complete image classification, target detection, image segmentation, and retrieval, and assist doctors to complete screening, diagnosis, and other work. What JUDcare has done is to achieve strategic cooperation with Ali Health, Presumption Technology, and other frontier technology companies to establish an integrated platform for image AI, and to provide personalized, diversified, and accurate AI scene output capabilities for medical institutions.

The Internet + Medical Imaging Industry Has Entered the Fast LaneJUDcare Image AI Integration Platform provides a unified AI tool engine for medical institutions. The platform can integrate AI tools from multiple AI vendors to meet the AI diagnostic needs of different departments and departments, thus avoiding the embarrassment of a medical institution needing to dock with multiple AI vendors. At the same time, it can reduce the difficulty of choosing medical institutions and provide them with high-quality professional AI diagnostic tools for different parts and diseases.

Create a lightweight regional image cloud platform for graded diagnosis and treatment

In the area of the regional image, the solution of JUDcare Regional Image Cloud Platform takes image center as the carrier, links medical institutions at all levels in series to form an image medicine consortium, and forms a provincial-city-district (county) integrated image center network. JUDcare is committed to providing medical imaging industry chain solutions to medical institutions at all levels. It has constructed a remote image service network system that integrates remote film reading, medical collaboration, online booking, remote consultation, remote teaching, and training, so as to better classify diagnosis and treatment, and help to upgrade medical services.

According to, this construction achievement has been shown in the help of JUDcare to build a benchmark city of smart medical treatment in Nanyang.

At present, JUDcare has assisted seven hospitals in Nanyang Medical College to build regional image diagnosis and sharing centers, including the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanyang Medical College, Nanzhao County People’s Hospital, Nanyang Wolong Hospital, Zhenping County Image Center, Nanyang First People’s Hospital, Nanyang Sixth People’s Hospital, and Nanyang Nanshi Hospital. JUDcare has access to more than 30 medical institutions in the city and has received unanimous praise from patients in the region.

The Internet + Medical Imaging Industry Has Entered the Fast LaneWith the application of the model of the regional image cloud platform, the patients in the Nanyang area have received more professional, authoritative, and high-quality medical services and the Nanyang model has also been highly recognized by the Nanyang government. It is believed that this benchmarking model will cover more areas in the future and bring more patients universal and accessible intelligent medical services.

Nowadays, science and technology are opening up in the best era. Medical care, as an area for the general public, needs the ability and wisdom of science and technology. Whether it is the application of the Internet image cloud or the integration of AI technology, JUDcare always insists on using technology and commerce to endow health. What will be more inclusive and intelligent health services in the future? We will wait and see.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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