JUDcare, Heart-Protecting Messenger, Enhances the Power of Life

4 years ago, China’s first “myocardial infarction treatment day” was launched on November 20th to popularize standardized treatment for acute myocardial infarction, so that more patients can be treated for the first time.

Today, the 5th “Myocardial Infarction Treatment Day” arrives as scheduled. According to the relevant data, 30% of the patients with acute myocardial infarction after 1980 (under 40 years old) accounted for 30%. “the 24-year-old boy suddenly died of sudden myocardial infarction, only because he had been playing mahjong for two days and nights” and “80 after engineers suffered from acute myocardial infarction.” Fortunately, acute myocardial infarction is not hopeless. It is a major and treatable disease. The key to treatment is time. Treatment within 120 minutes of symptoms can greatly reduce the fatality rate and disability rate.

JUDcare Remote Cardiac Monitoring Create life data simultaneous interpreting, seize golden treatment for 120 minutes

JUDcare remote cardiac monitoring, based on mobile Internet + smart wearable devices, relies on the 9 remote ECG monitoring platforms and 3 data centers, to promote the pre-hospital chest pain emergency, out of hospital regional monitoring, dynamic ECG monitoring network in hospital and post-hospital rehabilitation services four application scenarios upgrade.

JUDcare, Heart-Protecting Messenger, Enhances the Power of LifeIn the pre-hospital chest pain first aid scenario, JUDcare remote cardiac monitoring achieves 120 emergency and chest pain center bidirectional linkage. Through Internet + Intelligent wearable device, real-time collection of patient’s electrocardiogram/blood pressure/blood oxygen and other vital signs data, and real-time transmission of data to remote ECG monitoring platform for doctors to diagnose and analyze, effectively shorten D to B time, reduce STEMI mortality and disability rate

In the scene of out-of-hospital regional monitoring, through the construction of regional cooperative treatment system, the health channel from provincial and municipal hospitals to primary medical institutions to patients’ families can be opened, the whole process of screening, monitoring, first aid, and rehabilitation services can be realized, and the benefits services such as remote diagnosis and consultation in the region can be constructed, so as to promote the sinking of high-quality medical resources.

At noon on December 21, 2017, the second hospital of the Affiliated Hospital of the medical college was sent to the first people’s Hospital of Guangzhou City for an emergency call. A 74-year-old patient was in critical condition and needed to be transferred to the second hospital of Zhejiang medical school. From calling the rescue phone to sending the patient to the Second Hospital of Zhejiang Medical College, it took only 45 minutes to reach a distance of 150 kilometers. The rapid rescue work was carried out by the “Air 120” helicopter and successfully opened the air life passage.

Under the urgent time, JUDcare remote heart monitoring assisted the First Affiliated Hospital of the Second Affiliated Hospital of the medical college and the mid-flight medical treatment to complete the first aid process, presenting the first empty land data transmission, and the regional collaborative treatment and pre-hospital care system were perfectly interpreted. According to the official website of the Provincial Health Planning Commission, the simultaneous interpreting of the data of the civil flight first aid patients is the first case in China.

JUDcare, Heart-Protecting Messenger, Enhances the Power of LifeIn addition, JUDcare remote cardiac monitoring can also provide real-time monitoring and abnormal early warning services in hospitals, as well as home health management and rehabilitation guidance for patients after the hospital.

Life guardianship always pays attention to. Chest pain symptoms can not be ignored, let us remember “double 120”: the first time to call 120 emergency telephone, grasp the golden cure 120 minutes, because time is the heart muscle, time is life.

The power of heart, the power of life. JUDcare is committed to creating a closed-loop heart service and guardian of heart health. In the future, JUDcare will continue to layout the “Internet + smart medicine”, constantly promote the health of science and technology, provide more intelligent services for hospitals, doctors, and patients, and unswervingly strive for the goal of the medical health industry kingdom.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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