JUDcare Helped Henan Provincial People’s Hospital Achieve Greater Success

How to deepen the reform of the medical system, promote the construction of hospital information platforms and provide high-quality diagnosis and treatment services has been the focus of attention of the medical industry in recent years. Recently, the Circular of the national health and Family Planning Commission’s office of the national health and Family Planning Commission on the issuance of guidelines for the application of hospital information platform has been launched by the Henan Provincial Health Planning Commission, pointing out that we should actively carry out Internet services, booking services, self-service, convenient settlement and other services, strengthen the construction of hospital information platform, optimize the treatment process, and improve the patient experience.

Following the spring breeze of reform, we took the lead and introduced a large number of JUDcare self-service equipment, a one-stop self-service system. A single self-service terminal integrates self-service card, recharge, registration, payment, report printing, prescription printing, and bill inquiry functions. It supports cash and bank card payment, which can effectively shorten the hospital stay time of patients and improve the efficiency of medical treatment. Convenient, efficient, and convenient has become a new pronoun for medical treatment of Henan Provincial People’s Hospital.

JUDcare Helped Henan Provincial People's Hospital Achieve Greater SuccessCustomized Development, JUDcare‘s “All-round Player” Strength Assistance

As a “provincial and provincial” hospital with a history of 100 years, Henan Provincial People’s Hospital has not only 11 national key clinical construction projects, 18 clinical key disciplines in Henan Province, 17 national training centers, and 42 Henan provincial quality control. The Center for Medical Treatment and Research has a high reputation in the professional field and has always dared to be the first in information construction, introducing advanced self-service equipment, and optimizing the treatment process. The introduction of the JUDcare one-stop self-service system is an important milestone for the Henan Provincial People’s Hospital to modernize and build a smart modern hospital.

Different from the traditional self-service terminals, the JUDcare one-stop self-service system implements customized development according to the actual situation of Henan Province People’s Hospital and the demands of patients. A single device can complete self-service cards, self-service recharge, self-service registration, self-service payment, report printing, prescription printing, and bill inquiring a number of operations. One-stop self-service to complete all the non-treatment links of patients can effectively shorten the time of patients visiting an hour or so, improve the patient’s medical experience, help the hospital to build a patient-centered, efficient operation, orderly medical services, and medical environment so that patients can feel convenient, safe, caring service.

JUDcare Helped Henan Provincial People's Hospital Achieve Greater SuccessHumanistic design, showing humanistic care in detail

Adhering to the hospital spirit of “humanity, erudition, preciseness, and excellence”, adhering to the tenet of “people’s hospital serving the people”, Henan Province People’s Hospital always serves the front line of the people’s life and health and has won the honorary title of the National People’s comfort demonstration hospital, the advanced collective of the national health system, and the advanced units of the whole nation’s hospital cultural construction

This self-service equipment for the customized development of Henan Provincial People’s Hospital closely follows the needs of patients and starts from the details to provide patients with intimate services. Considering that most of the outpatients are elderly, inconveniences and first time patients, Henan Province People’s Hospital has arranged more closely for resident engineers to provide manual services, and at the same time, through self-service display screens, hospital promotional materials, and other prompts operation process, patients can be familiar with the operation in the shortest time, effectively improve the utilization rate of self-service equipment, improve the utilization rate of self-service equipment, maximize its optimization role in the stage of diagnosis and treatment, and promote the rational allocation of medical resources.

JUDcare Helped Henan Provincial People's Hospital Achieve Greater SuccessPreviously, the “benchmarking mode” has helped transform the outpatient process of Peking Union Medical College Hospital. JUDcare also assisted Henan Provincial People’s Hospital. Exploration and innovation in the construction of informationization have really realized the multi-service of benefiting the people-centered on the project of appointment service, self-service and convenient settlement from the patient’s point of view, so as to promote the hospital to improve the layout of the medical informationization industry. This has become an important measure for Henan Province to move towards the benchmarking model after promoting the informationization process of the First People’s Hospital of Nanyang City and has positive guiding significance for the self-service development of other provincial hospitals.

In the future, JUDcare will actively respond to the national policy, provide better products and services for hospitals, help many hospitals to build a regional industry benchmarking model, and jointly draw a blueprint for the development of smart medicine.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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