JUDcare Helps Hospitals Build Internet+Intelligent Medicine

In mid-September, the National Health and Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued the three policies on Internet diagnosis and treatment management (Trial Implementation), Internet hospital management (Trial), and telemedicine service management standard (Trial Implementation), marking the new stage of Internet plus medical health entering the field.

Faced with this new round of opportunities, how can physical hospitals build more intelligent and distinctive medical services with the help of the Internet? JUDcare Intelligent Hospital Project Construction gives the answer!

Creating a New Intelligent Medical Service Model by Means of Light and Heavy

JUDcare Helps Hospitals Build Internet+Intelligent Medicine

Mobile payment, as an important breakthrough in “Internet+ medical health”, is bringing a high-quality lightweight experience to patients.

Based on Weixin, Alipay, APP, and other lightweight Internet applications, JUDcare launched the whole process of the palm-held hospital, realizing a mobile phone can complete intelligent guidance, appointment registration, mobile payment, report viewing, medical evaluation, covering the whole process of mobile medical service before, during and after treatment, so as to make medical service more efficient.

At the same time, JUDcare, relying on off-line scene service, has launched self-service cloud service platforms such as one-stop bank-hospital, radiation self-service, and so on, covering more than 3,000 hospitals in all corners, to meet the service needs of patients registration, payment, information inquiry, printing report forms at any time and anywhere.

JUDcare Helps Hospitals Build Internet+Intelligent Medicine

In the aspect of identity recognition, JUDcare intelligent terminal not only supports the new version of Hongkong, Macao, and Taiwan identity recognition but also takes the lead in using face recognition technology to support the new real-name service mode, interestingly realizing intelligent interaction, providing card-free authentication, registration, payment, query, and other functions, greatly increasing the patient’s experience.

Aggregate Payment and Establish Integrated Payment Management Platform

Diversified payment channels bring high efficiency and convenience to medical services, but at the same time, they also bring certain challenges to the follow-up fund settlement and accounting management of hospitals. In the process of promoting hospital information construction, JUDcare proposes a scientific, effective, and unified management of medical payment mode – a comprehensive payment platform.

Based on the existing information achievements of the hospital, JUDcare comprehensive payment platform has opened up various payment channels, such as cash, UnionPay, bank, social security, new rural cooperative medical system, Wechat, Alipay, commercial insurance, etc., to achieve full coverage of online and offline payment methods, and provide payment, inquiry, refund and other related services for patients with reservation registration, inter-clinic payment, medical card recharge, and payment-related medical services.JUDcare Helps Hospitals Build Internet+Intelligent Medicine

At the same time, through the construction of a comprehensive settlement, reconciliation, refund management system, the unified fund management, fund clearing and settlement, unified bill checking and other services of the hospital’s payment business can be realized automatically, so as to realize the refinement and visualization of the hospital’s fund flow, effectively help the hospital to improve the efficiency of settlement and simplify the work of reconciliation.

In addition, in order to promote medical data information sharing and business collaboration, JUDcare proposes the construction of a card platform, which intelligently manages users basic information, card management, query, statistics, financial settlement, and other information by using cards as the core and associating with various hospital application systems such as integrated payment management platform. JUDcare binds to mobile applications, realizes the unification of online and offline identity, enables patients to hold a card to achieve fast medical service, thus truly realizing the “one card access” of medical treatment.

Intelligent operation awakens the value behind “sleeping” information data

In the aspect of a hospital operation, the BI intelligent decision analysis system of JUDcare effectively solves the problem of incomplete data of traditional analysis and decision-making, and provides multi-dimensional and multi-perspective data decision support, starting from hospital reality, intelligent free configuration tools, and preset diversified key indicators.

In the form of a multi-level cockpit, a BI analysis and display model with high integration, dynamic interaction, and deep data drilling is established. With the intelligent manual dragging operation mode, it is very convenient for hospital leaders at all levels to consult the key indicators of the hospital in real-time, monitor the operation of the hospital intuitively, and assist managers to make quick decisions. At the same time, the platform service mode used by PC and mobile terminals synchronously and arbitrarily enables managers to quickly grasp the hospital operation situation at any time, anywhere.

JUDcare Helps Hospitals Build Internet+Intelligent Medicine

Of course, the way of intelligent operation is more than that. With the advantage of comprehensive information service, JUDcare Intelligent Hospital has also launched an intelligent operation and maintenance management platform to realize real-time status monitoring of hospital intelligent terminals, providing abnormal early warning, remote configuration, remote upgrade, and ensuring the safe operation and intelligent operation and maintenance of hospital data exchange platform, to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the hospital system and greatly promote the construction of hospital informatization.

Intelligent hospitals are the result of new technologies such as the internet, big data, artificial intelligence, and so on. It is in line with the trend of the times to construct innovative intelligent hospital services. The launch of JUDcare Intelligent Hospital Comprehensive Solution is expected to bring comfortable and convenient intelligent medical services to patients, and also to provide a guarantee for the continued and rich application of the intelligent medical scene in the future, so as to help the hospital lay a more solid digital foundation platform. In the future, JUDcare will integrate more technology and innovation to bring universal access to intelligent medical services!

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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