JUDcare, Pioneer of Image Mobility, “Boil” CMEF audience

From October 13, 2021, to October 16, 2021, to “intellectual innovation and technology lead the future” theme of the 85th CMEF China International Medical Equipment (Fall) Grand Fair was held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (Bao’an). Thousands of industry experts and 3,000+ corporate elite gathered to focus “Fourteenth Five-Year” plan to ride this medical line feast industry.

The 85th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) continued to have a lively atmosphere. The products displayed by JUDcare on-site such as mobile image workstations, multi-function self-service printers, image informatization systems, and medical education systems have been recognized by the industry. Among them, industry experts are very interested in the new technology of mobile image workstations, and highly affirmed the feasibility of JUDcare’s innovation in the mobility of medical imaging.

JUDcare, Pioneer of Image Mobility, "Boil" CMEF audience

Mobile images build a safe and efficient mobile diagnosis and treatment scenes

To solve the problem of uneven distribution of medical resources and promote the sinking of high-quality medical resources, China has promoted the construction of a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, taking telemedicine services as an important measure to implement structural reforms on the supply side of medical services. Traditional telemedicine has not been fully developed and promoted. Doctors’ diagnosis is limited by time and space, and the operability is low, which hinders the construction of telemedicine.

JUDcare’s mobile imaging solution can fundamentally solve this traditional telemedicine pain point and enable telemedicine to enter a new chapter. The solution relies on the Cast-Link technology independently developed by JUDcare, combined with standard medical display mobile smart terminals, to build a safe and efficient remote diagnosis scenario between doctors, hospitals, and patients, including remote consultation, remote diagnosis, remote teaching, and remote ward rounds, etc. Let telemedicine no longer be restricted by space and time, and meet the needs of mobile image reading and diagnosis at any time.

JUDcare, Pioneer of Image Mobility, "Boil" CMEF audience

The 6 major application solutions and 3 major scene experiences under the mobile imaging solution displayed by JUDcare on-site create a fast and convenient office efficiency for telemedicine.

The live demonstration truly restored the application of mobile images in the medical community scene. The rural clinic relies on JUDcare’s Cast-Link technology. The doctors in the central hospital complete the diagnosis through the 8MP smart mobile vertical screen developed by JUDcare, output the diagnosis report and feed it back to the rural clinic to complete the closed-loop of image data. During the period, the data has not been discharged from the hospital or on the cloud, and the construction process does not require system interface docking. The diagnosis is more flexible and convenient, and the service is more efficient. It provides strong support for online diagnosis and treatment services such as the construction of hospitals and medical consortia.      

The overall plan builds an intelligent ecology of medical imaging services

Besides mobile imaging solutions, multi-function self-service printers, image informatization systems, and medical education systems displayed by JUDcare have also become the focus of the exhibition.

As an important enterprise of domestic medical film, JUDcare showed a variety of specifications and sizes of medical film on site. At the same time, a variety of multi-function self-service printers that have been recognized by hospitals, doctors, and patients in terms of appearance design, performance setting, and applicability planning were displayed. These multi-function self-service printers have improved the efficiency of hospitals, brought a more comfortable and convenient service experience to patients, and promoted the information-based digital management of the imaging department.

JUDcare, Pioneer of Image Mobility, "Boil" CMEF audience

In addition, the site also demonstrated the radiation salon, a medical continuing education platform in the vertical field of radiation. The platform currently covers 300,000+ doctors. Through online platforms such as the “Radiation Salon” APP and WeChat public account of Radiation Salon, and offline “academic conference” speeches, it provides expert point-to-point online teaching, case analysis, online communication, academic conferences, etc. to thousands of radiology practitioners. A series of continuing education services in radiology, such as continuing education programs, listening to image knowledge, and viewing medical information.

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