JUDcare was listed as “Top 10 Medical Innovative Payment Companies in China in 2021”

From October 11th to October 13th, 2021, the “2021 Tianfu Talking- The 6th China Big Health Industry Upgrading Summit ” hosted by the General Practice and Health Management Working Committee of the Chinese Society of Health Information and Healthcare Big Data and Health was Successfully held in Chengdu. With the theme of ” Integrated Innovation Leading Industry Convergence “, this conference brought together thousands of industry experts, scholars, and business representatives to discuss hot topics in seven subdivisions including digital healthcare and payment innovation.

JUDcare was listed as "Top 10 Medical Innovative Payment Companies in China in 2021"

On the 12th, the conference announced the results of the ” 2021 China Health Industry Awards “, and JUDcare was successfully selected as ” Top 10 China Medical Innovation Payment Companies in 2021 “. This award is comprehensively evaluated based on six aspects: business model, technological advantage, innovation, sustainable development ability, team competitiveness, and future potential. This award is not only a recognition of industry experts and industry media for JUDcare’s promotion of payment model innovation and improvement of medical services but also an encouragement to JUDcare’s assistance in the construction of smart services in the hospital.

In recent years, JUDcare has continuously promoted payment model innovation: a comprehensive payment platform, which integrates multi-channel payment and financial management, and efficiently solves the pain points of hospital financial reconciliation; smart terminal swipe payment to further optimize the mobile payment experience and achieve Face medical treatment throughout the entire process; a comprehensive service terminal for medical insurance business has created a medical insurance self-service system for all scenarios of medical insurance medical treatment, drug purchase, medical settlement, and business management.

JUDcare was listed as "Top 10 Medical Innovative Payment Companies in China in 2021"

In addition, JUDcare also innovated the human-computer interaction model and created active smart services to realize early patient perception, active prediction, smart recommendation, real-time prompts, AI voice guidance, and establish full-scene smart services covering outpatients and hospitalizations. It has been successfully implemented in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine and the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, bringing more personalized medical services to patients. At the same time, we will continue to optimize the medical treatment process, help the hospital’s smart management construction, help the medical insurance reform and the implementation of electronic medical insurance vouchers, promote the three-level linkage of counties and villages, and promote hierarchical diagnosis and treatment.

As a continued growth of innovative companies, not only in the medical giant tripod medical field of information technology continue to accelerate product innovation, also proposed moving images, rapid isolation, and other all-new service concepts to a wide range of products and services, improve the quality of medical services and efficient. To improve innovation mechanisms, and other means to carry forward the spirit of innovation, organizational innovation, and vitality to activate and staff, so that all sections effectively coordinate. So that quality health services throughout the country’s 30 provincial-level administrative regions, enabling Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital, West China Hospital, Sichuan, etc., more than 3,000 hospitals (of which three hospitals 900) to achieve medical Service upgrade.

With the advent of the 5G era, the future medical service industry will become more digital and intelligent. JUDcare will also follow the development trend of the industry, adjust products and services promptly according to changes in medical service needs, promote the effective sinking of high-quality medical resources, improve the work efficiency of medical staff, improve the medical experience of patients, and enhance the wisdom of hospital management level, build a smarter and more humane new ecology of medical services, and help realize the great strategy of healthy China.

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