JUDcare Was Listed On The Best List of China’s Smart Healthcare Innovation Application Practice Cases

On December 1st, 2020, the 2nd China Smart Healthcare Conference hosted by China Health Information and Healthcare Big Data Society was grandly held in Shanghai city. The conference simultaneously released the ” List of China Smart Healthcare Innovation Application Practice Case” and many others. In the awards, JUDcare was on the list with its core software product “Outreach Platform”. This ranking reflects the affirmation and recognition of JUDcare’s innovative research and development results in the smart medical field including innovative medical service models, and comprehensive medical service reform solutions.

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Be strong in innovation and lead the trend of development

As a pioneer in the field of smart medical care, JUDcarel is strong in innovation, technology, and service. From the application of one-stop bank medical services, to the extensive implementation of three-dimensional medical services in hospitals with the outreach platform as the core, to the joint efforts of Internet hospitals, smart medical insurance, and dual-platform medical community… JUDcare using the concept and service innovation optimizes the medical service process, improves the patient’s medical experience, improves the doctor’s work efficiency, and innovates one medical service trend after another.

JUDcare Outreach Platform|Central system guarantees information and data security

As the central system for information exchange and service interaction inside and outside the hospital, the JUDcare outreach platform transfers the management power to the hospital to realize the effective management and control of the hospital’s data assets and information assets. The hospital can review the interface and secret key application of third-party channels, and monitor the usage of the interface in the whole process. At the same time, the system will warn in time when abnormal calls occur, effectively avoiding the supervision problems caused by the coexistence of multiple interface forms such as storage process, view, web services, etc. to ensure the information security and data security of the hospital.

Unified interface standardization of internal and external interfaces

JUDcare’s external connection platform solves the complicated interface problems, standardizes the internal and external interfaces of the hospital, and realizes the unified management of the interface. The standardized interface covers the contract and file type, the appointment registration type, the payment and recharge type, the information query type, and the hospital admission processing type, report query, medical evaluation, etc. In addition to the standardization of the hospital’s internal and external interfaces, the outreach platform also provides the standardization of external-to-internal interfaces such as electronic health cards and electronic medical insurance certificates, which can effectively solve the interface management problems caused by the hospital’s multi-channel interfaces and quickly support the launch of applications such as electronic health cards and electronic medical insurance certificates.

Unified payment portal to break the “unilateral account” problem

In response to the current “unilateral account” problem in hospitals, JUDcare’s outreach platform provides highly reliable payment components through a unified payment portal, opening up cash, banks, social insurance, new rural cooperative medical insurance, WeChat, Alipay, commercial insurance, etc. This kind of payment channel realizes full coverage of online and offline payment methods, greatly alleviating the phenomenon of “unilateral billing” in hospitals.

Three-party reconciliation improves work efficiency

In view of the current hospital-wide reconciliation problems that are common in hospitals, the JUDcare outreach platform is different from the two-party reconciliation of traditional manufacturers. By providing three-party reconciliation solutions to support uniform reconciliation of different payment channels, such as Alipay, WeChat, bank, UnionPay, commercial insurance, cash, and social security, etc., it avoids multi-system reconciliation, greatly reduces the workload and error rate of financial staff, and also supports multi-campus reconciliation and regional reconciliation. In terms of refund management, a unified refund plug-in is used to create an intelligent refund processing platform. Hybrid refund plug-in, opening up the refund interface of various payment channels in the hospital, and providing a unified refund entry for HIS, can formulate refund plans according to different strategies. It supports “big first then small”, “first in first out” rules formulated through configuration. In terms of exception handling, the hospital financial staff can quickly locate problematic transaction records. If abnormal overcharges are charged directly, the staff can click refund processing. It greatly improves the timeliness and convenience of handling exceptions in the finance department.

Big data analysis to optimize medical treatment and management process

As a platform software supported by the background, the outreach platform serves the entire process of patients seeking medical treatment. It can intelligently integrate patient medical treatment data, and generate a medical portrait of each patient through big data analysis. Through analysis of  the average waiting time, average checking time of each department, number source tension, etc., it provides data basis for the outpatient office and hospital leaders in the “platooning” and the optimization of the hospital treatment process, making the platform to be a hospital management decision support center.

This time, JUDcare was listed on the “Practical Cases List of China’s Smart Healthcare Innovation Application”, which is the industry’s affirmation of JUDcare’s innovative capabilities. In the future, JUDcare will continue to uphold the original intention of service, increase R&D investment in the combination of software and hardware, practice the mission of empowering health with technology and business, and contribute to the great strategy of healthy China with perfect products and professional services.



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