JUDcare Was Recognized by A Senior Expert in Chinese Medical Imaging Technology

On January 22nd, 2016, Professor Cao Houde (a respected expert in the field of radiology in China, a renowned expert in medical imaging technology, and the chief technology adviser of the national X-ray digital imaging instrument center accompanied by Zhao Zhiqiang (general manager of JUDcare), Zhang Baoping (R&D technical director of JUDcare) visited JUDcare headquarters with great interest and carefully observed the JUDcare products.

JUDcare Was Recognized by A Senior Expert in Chinese Medical Imaging TechnologyCao Houde is a Professor of Medical Equipment Institute, clinical medical engineering expert of Hospital Management Institute of National Health Planning Commission, chief technical adviser of national X-ray digital imaging instrument center, MBA training instructor, and editor of Chinese Journal of radiology. He has worked diligently in CT technology and radiology training. He said that in his lifetime, academic progress will be the only pursuit.

Professor Cao Houde devoted all his life to scientific research, not for fame and wealth, his mind was broadened, his mentality was young, and he was particularly amiable. In the exhibition hall, Professor Cao Hood, after listening to the product manager’s explanation, expressed his appreciation to JUDcare for its independent research and development of product solutions to optimize the hospital service process, especially for the high recognition and recognition of image clarity, grayscale and image output quality of the JUDcare dry film.

The JUDcare self-developed dry film has the characteristics of high light resistance, high-temperature resistance, clear image, and high grayscale. In 2012, the JUDcare film won the “Medical Image Film Innovation Award” awarded by the Imaging Technology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association. In 2015, JUDcare won the award again by virtue of advanced technology and mature professional products and was awarded the “Highest Contribution Award of New Medical Image Film” by the Academic Conference of Imaging Technology of the Chinese Medical Association. This time, Professor Cao Hood’s affirmation is a great encouragement to the JUDcare national brand.

JUDcare Was Recognized by A Senior Expert in Chinese Medical Imaging Technology(From left to right: Zhang Baoping, Cao Houde, Zhao Zhiqiang)

At the end of the visit, Professor Cao Houde and Zhao Zhiqiang (General Manager of JUDcare), and Zhang Baoping (Director of Research and Development Technology of JUDcare) had a warm exchange and discussion once again. Zhao Zhiqiang’s exhaustion may enable enterprises to help traditional medicine integrate into the advanced mode of “Internet+” thinking for the doctor-patient service so that Professor Cao Houde is amazed. At the same time, Professor Cao Hood also put forward some unique ideas and suggestions: “further verify the reliability of output quality by means of phantom testing and artificial aging test”, which inspired everyone present. Zhang Baoping and Professor Cao Hood are similar in age, and they are both scientific researchers. The two old people are very happy to talk with each other at the same time. In his speech, Professor Cao Hood expressed his appreciation for JUDcare‘s independent innovation technology and diversified product system layout. Professor Cao Hood believes that the development of national medical enterprises needs such a dynamic and thoughtful company, which we should support.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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