JUDcare Won the Award of Second Place of the Star of Tomorrow in the National Final of CDHIC

On September 8, the National Final of China Health and Medical Big Data Industry Innovation Competition (CDHIC) came to an end perfectly in Beijing. After fierce competition, JUDcare won the runner-up honor of “Star Group of Tomorrow” in China Health and Medical Big Data Industry Innovation Competition with the project of “Three-end Linkage Medical Big Health Innovation Model”.

JUDcare Won the Award of Second Place of the Star of Tomorrow in the National Final of CDHICIt is understood that the CDHIC Competition is the first innovative entrepreneurship competition in China with the health medical data industry as the core, aiming at excavating, cultivating, and selecting high-quality projects, and accelerating the construction of the business ecosystem, data ecosystem, and capital ecosystem with the health medical data national team as the core. CDHIC Competition is sponsored by China Health Information and Health Medical Big Data Society and China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. It is sponsored by China Electricity Data Service Co., Ltd. and co-sponsored by China Electricity Digital Finance Investment Management Co., Ltd., Medical Association, Qihuang Chinese Medicine Foundation, Danxi Science and Technology, Tianshili Capital, Zhongguancun Science, and Technology Leasing Association. It is jointly undertaken by the arterial network.

JUDcare Won the Award of Second Place of the Star of Tomorrow in the National Final of CDHIC

This contest can be described as a hundred schools of thought contention, a hundred flowers blossom! Since its launch in April, it has attracted more than 500 applications for medical innovation projects, covering more than 1,700 enterprises, and has the strict primary selection and six regional finals in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, and Beijing (special field of traditional Chinese medicine + TMT). With its innovative achievements, JUDcare stands out from many competitors, successfully enters the national finals, achieves good results of the runner-up, and gains the attention of many colleagues and investors.

Innovative Model of Linking Three Terminals, Defining New Direction of Medical General Health

In view of the development of the health industry, JUDcare has put forward a “three-terminal linkage health innovation model”: Intelligent hardware as the entry point to enter the stage of regional health information construction. This will provide a platform and tool support for the improvement of patient’s medical experience, the improvement of doctor’s level of diagnosis and treatment, and the upgrading and remodeling of the management level of medical institutions. It will become a high-quality population health data platform, and ultimately realize the management of patient’s personal health.

For patients, JUDcare provides a mobile medical treatment process, hospital self-service cloud service, intelligent cloud image integration platform, remote heart monitoring, and other platforms and services, mobile window work, self-service, and improves the patient’s medical experience in an all-round way. Through the data exchange platform, the data of multi-platforms and applications are merged and sorted out to form complete patient electronic health records, which can effectively support patients to carry out image inquiry, ECG monitoring, chronic disease management, and other services, and form the ecological circle of JUDcare Intelligent Hospital with patient electronic health records as the core.

For doctors, JUDcare Co-operation Information Platform and Internet Hospital Information Platform, which are independently developed, have built multi-level subsystems such as graded diagnosis and treatment, remote consultation, distance education, remote imaging, AI intelligent platform, electronic prescription management platform, and so on, breaking the limitations of traditional medical information software. Through the rational redistribution of high-quality doctor resources mobilized by the technology of running clouds and running water, JUDcare provides remote medical services such as audio-visual consultation, consultation, medical record diagnosis and discussion, business training, and multi-scene output of AI auxiliary diagnostic ability, so as to better classify diagnosis and treatment, and help medical reform.

At the hospital management level, the BI operation and supervision platform and operation and maintenance management platform built by JUDcare comprehensively improves the hospital management level through the overall visibility solution. The master’s cockpit and the data panels of each department facilitate the leaders at all levels to consult the operation data of the hospital in real-time and assist the managers to make quick decisions. At the same time, the operation and maintenance management platform can monitor the real-time status of the hardware and software system in the hospital, strangle the failure in the embryonic stage by early warning, and ensure the stable and efficient operation of the system.

In addition, JUDcare Completes the strategic cooperation of 3,000+ hospitals in China with the advantages of unique on-site service, customized development, full-process follow-up, and intelligent management. Among them, over 800+ hospitals are large-scale tertiary hospitals, creating multiple benchmarking modes in the industry, leading the industry to change and development.

Innovation is undoubtedly the core force of future medical industry reform! It’s no coincidence that JUDcare can win the prize in this competition. The success of JUDcare can not be separated from its strong brand strength. It is an innovator in the field of health care. Since its inception, JUDcare has launched matrix brands such as JUDcare and Radiation Salon. On the basis of deep insight into user needs, JUDcare has conquered people with absolute innovation and high-quality products and services. It is believed that this award will lay a foundation for further expanding the market of the JUDcare Brand. At the same time, it will strongly promote JUDcare Brand to continue polishing products and improve services, and put forward more new medical service modes to help healthy China.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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