Leaders of the Xiaogan Municipal Government Visited JUDcare

On September 11th, 2017, Wu Jie (deputy mayor of Xiaogan) accompanied by Wang Jian (leader of the medical department of JUDcare) visited the Shenzhen headquarters of JUDcare.

The leaders of the Xiaogan municipal government first visited the case of the diabetes management platform of the wisdom medical and health industry, the Sungang community health service center in Luohu. Mr. Li (director of the service center) introduced, “as one of the key construction projects for the people’s livelihood of the district government, the community health service center will help to control and manage the disease of diabetes patients, and rely on the diabetes management platform to establish a new understanding of the hospital’s integrated management of blood sugar outside the courtyard, and create a new model for the integrated management of chronic diseases among residents”. Ms. Wu Jie affirmed this model of chronic disease management.

Leaders of the Xiaogan Municipal Government Visited JUDcareAfter visiting the case center, Ms. Wu Jie and her party came to visit the headquarters of JUDcare and had in-depth communication with Mr. Wang Jian (the leader of JUDcare). During the talks, Ms. Wu introduced the development plan of the city, pointing out that under the background of “healthy China” building and promoting the medical reform, the city actively deepened the reform of the medical system, and made the best efforts to promote the construction of the smart city. She stressed that the smart medical project is an important part of the construction of a “smart city” in Xiaogan, and is also a need for people’s livelihood protection. We hope to build a healthy ecological circle through the innovation and development of “Internet + medical care”, and gradually solve the problems of poor communication between doctors and patients, and “three long and short” medical treatment, so as to provide better medical services for the people of Xiaogan.

Leaders of the Xiaogan Municipal Government Visited JUDcareXiaogan’s wisdom medical construction coincides with the idea of medical development of JUDcare. Mr. Wang said that JUDcare has been committed to the serious vertical in the field of health care in recent years. Through multi-dimensional integration, various cloud platforms such as regional image centers, remote consultation centers, image cloud services, and chronic disease diagnosis and treatment have been established to realize information interconnection and sharing among medical and health service institutions at all levels. At present, JUDcare has successfully assisted Nanyang, Zhangjiagang, Wujin District, and other areas to achieve regionalized wisdom medical construction. JUDcare also hopes to build a smart benchmarking city with mature wisdom medical construction mode.

During the visit, the leaders of the Xiaogan City Government fully affirmed the development and construction of JUDcare. In the future, JUDcare will continue to exert its strength in the medical field and strive to build a people-oriented smart medical service system.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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