Benchmark model|With 172 active smart bank-medical terminals, JUDcare help upgarde services for the Affiliated Hospital of Chengde Medical University

Benchmark model|With 172 active smart bank-medical terminals, JUDcare help upgarde services for the Affiliated Hospital of Chengde Medical University

One-stop self-service of smart bank-hospital terminals 

To completely get rid of the cumbersome and inefficient traditional medical treatment mode and improve service efficiency, the Affiliated Hospital of Chengde Medical College launched 172 newly upgraded JUDcare Medical Smart Bank-Medical Self-Service Terminals in November 8. The patients who come to the hospital can complete the file establishment, outpatient medical insurance registration, appointment, medical insurance payment, inspection report printing, etc., All patients will not need to wait in line at the window.


JUDcare Medical’s smart bank-medical self-service terminal has innovated the human-computer interaction mode, and has been a pioneer in the industry of active smart service. This terminal has been able to have early perception, active prediction, intelligent recommendation, real-time prompt, AI voice guidance, covering a full-scenario service including outpatient service and hospitalizing service, and bringing convenient, efficient, and personalized online and integrated offline services to patients.


The smart bank-medical self-service also extends to the inspection department, realizing the self-service printing of inspection appointments, result reports, and films. It not only effectively utilizes hospital space resources, reduces the gathering of patients seeking medical treatment, reduces the risk of infection, and facilitates epidemic prevention and control; it also improves the utilization rate of hospital human resources, further expands hospital services, and realizes the transformation of patients from “access to medical care” to “recovering from illness”

Benchmark model|With 172 active smart bank-medical terminals, JUDcare help upgarde services for the Affiliated Hospital of Chengde Medical University

Facilitate the public with unmanned medical insurance process

Chengde Affiliated Hospital has now fully connected with medical insurance cards and medical insurance electronic certificates. It has taken the lead in opening up the self-service payment and settlement functions of medical insurance in Hebei using smart bank-hospital as a carrier. Patients who have applied for medical insurance electronic certificates can enjoy outpatient payment, hospitalization payment, and online and offline drug purchase services through various channels such as WeChat, Alipay, or APP. This is equivalent to adding more than 100 medical insurance settlement windows in the hospital, which greatly shortens the waiting time of patients in line.

  • Hao Chang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Chengde Medical College, Vice President and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Affiliated Hospital, came to experience the self-service machine function of the hospital
  •  Sun Wenxian, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Dean of the Affiliated Hospital of Chengde Medical College experienced the function of the self-service machine in the hospital

On the hospital patient day, many patients and family members reported that the Chengde Affiliated Hospital’s move had immediate results, enabling them to truly enjoy a comfortable medical experience with fewer queues, less waiting, and fewer running errands. Sensitive and convenient face recognition payment is a particularly laudable highlight of smart bank-hospital terminals .


Triage calls to improve the order of medical treatment and save time for medical treatment

In addition, the deployment and application of JUDcare Medical’s triage calling system have also reduced the pressure of hospital visits, significantly improved the order of patients’ visits, and improved the hospital’s medical environment. According to actual calculations, the all-around upgrade of the smart service function of Chengde Affiliated Hospital can save patients nearly 2 hours of medical treatment time, setting a new model for smart hospital construction.

 A step is needed for further development and keeping improvement. In the future, Chengde Affiliated Hospital will carry yesterday’s brilliance, follow the established course, adhere to the style of advocating truth and morality, and innovate and seek the truth. The goal is to move forward.

JUDcare Medical will also continue to deeply cultivate the field of smart hospital services, combining with the actual needs of patients and hospitals, to serve more hospitals and patients with strong technical research and development, project implementation, and operation and maintenance support capabilities.




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