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JUDcare provides medical diagnostic X-ray imaging Dicom dry inkjet film printer (363-7). It could print the images from the X-ray machine, CT, and MRI well. The medical inkjet-film printer receives image datum in DICOM format via CLEAR Dicom software and then outputs images. With CLEAR specified ink, it can perfectly meet the needs of CR, DR imaging applications, and even CT, MRI, and other imaging applications.

Basic Parameters

  • ● Print Technology: Inkjet(dry, daylight safe operation);
  • ● Film Transferring: Rubbing;
  • ● Interfaces: Hi-Speed USB;
  • ● Media: Medical dry film, Medical color film;
  • ● Media Sizes: 8×10in, 10×12in, 11×14in, 13×17in, A4, A3;
  • ● Media Inputs: One supply cassettes containing 50 sheets.


  • ● Maximum Density: ≥ 3.0D;
  • ● Throughput: About 25 sheets per hour in standard mode for 8×10in;
  • ● Application Fields:
  • X-ray, CT, MRI, etc.(Medical dry film with black ink);
  • B ultrasound, endoscope, PET-CT, CT 3D reconstruction, etc.(Medical color film with color ink);
  • ● Packing Dimensions: 830mm(L)×470mm(W)×325mm(H).


  • ★ High resolution meets clinical needs;
  • ★ High resolution with excellent ink coverage;
  • ★ Most cost-effective and space saving film printer;
  • ★ Maximum black density more than 3.0D;
  • ★ Environmental protection without ozone.

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