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JUDcare MDST-24  is a high quality dry imager designed for radiography images printing.  It is designed with two input cassettes and two out-put trays as well as large size real-time display which offers enhanced flexibility and convenience. Equipped with 508dpi resolution printer head, JUDcare MDST-24 offering high throughput and high-resolution for all of your centralized imaging requirements.





  • ● Spatial Resolution: 508dpi;
  • ● Applicable Fields: X-ray, CT, MRI, etc.;
  • ● Maximum Density: ≥ 3.0D;
  • ● Media Sizes: 8×10in, 10×12in, 11×14in, 14×17in;
  • ● Print Technology: Direct thermal (dry, daylight safe operations);
  • ●Media Inputs: 2 supply cassettes, 100 sheets each;
  • ●Throughput: 8×10in: about 90 sheets/hour 14×17in: about 65 sheets/hour;
  • ●Grayscale: 14bits;
  • ●Image Formats: DICOM;
  • ●Engine Dimensions: 600mm(L)×500mm(W)×465mm(H); Weight: 50Kg;


  • ★ Compact design to meet all kinds of printing needs;
  • ★ Stable and super-persistent printing head capable of about 50,000 printing times;
  • ★ Two input trays to realize different printing sizes at the same time;
  • ★ Two output trays automatic sorting of printed films;
  • ★ Supreme printing technology with self-adaptive imaging processing software;
  • ★ Large LCD display, status include online alert, fault and menu navigation buttons.


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