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Mars 1417V is a smart 14×17-inch wireless, cassette-sized flat panel detector for general radiography systems, surgical C-arm systems and veterinary radiography systems. It features high image quality, fast image acquisition, sudden power-off data protection, reliable AED, a long battery life, standard image stitching function and optional cost-effective virtual grid.  The Mars 1417V is the optimal choice for customers to upgrade CR to DR systems.  

Basic Parameters

  • ● Scintillator: CsI;
  • ● Detector Technology: Amorphous Silicon;
  • ● Active Area: 346x420 mm;
  • ● Number of Pixels: 2304 × 2800;
  • ● Spatial Resolution: 3.4 lp/mm;
  • ● Pixel Pitch: 150 μm;
  • ● AD Conversion: 16 bit.


  • ★ Direct deposition CsI for better image quality with lower dose;
  • ★ Dual band (2.4G and 5G) wireless support with easy sharing;
  • ★ Long battery life and smart workflow;
  • ★ Wireless cassette detector per ISO 4090, fits in bucky;
  • ★ Stable iSync+ Automatic Exposure Detection (AED);
  • ★ User Friendly Interface with powerful function but easy to operate;
  • ★ Image stitching function (free of charge);
  • ★ Cost-effective virtual grid (optional).


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