DR Fixed Floor-mounted X-ray Image Machine


Digital Floor-mounted Manual X-ray Photography System (JD6500) created by JUDcare is an economic and practical DR fixed floor-mounted X-ray image machine, can be widely used in radiology, orthopedic, medical examination department, emergency room, intensive care units, operating room, and neonatal pediatrics. JUDcare provides the DR medical digital fixed floor-mounted X-ray image machine outputting agile images with diagnostic imaging radiological services. It fully meets the demand of hospital digital radiography.

User Interface

• Interface with all contents in English, different languages are available for special needs;

• Establishment of user type and relevant authority based on clinical role;

• Worklist queries automatically and manual registration, adapt to environment's requirement with flexibility.

Image Collection and Processing

• Automatic window adjustment, trim, automatic close;

• Image adjustment, balanced sharpening of image flipping organization;

• Instant imaging technology meets the DICOM 3.0 standard, meeting the requirement of hospital.

Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel Detector

• High spatial resolution;

• High FOV, DQE value;

• Wire/wireless dual configuration for customers to choose from faster wire mode or more flexible wireless mode.

High Quality X-ray Tube

• Bifocal high heat-capacity rotating anode tube, capable of long-time load operation;

• Filament sleep function to effectively protect X-ray tube component and prolong service life.

Ultra High Frequency Generator

• Independent object's high frequency inversion technology, stable output;

• High KV, high current and high power strengthen ray's penetration effect, superior in diagnosis of obese patient.


Digital Radiography for all parts of the body including head, arms, legs, chest, spine, lumbar vertebra, etc. Frequently used for radiography diagnosis in medical teaching, scientific research and medical departments.