Mobile Digital C-arm X-ray Photography System


The mobile digital C-arm X-ray photography system (JD8600) is the smallest and most flexible flat medical mobile C-arm X-ray image machine in China. JUDcare provides the portable digital medical mobile radiology C-arm X-ray image machine without the dangers of X-ray by advanced X-ray imaging techniques. The industry's leading high-frequency pulse generator's variable pulse width can realize the best image quality with the smallest dose. Frame amount every second can go up to 15, which gives you a clear and transparent mobile image. Stable and efficient hardware equipment, safe and flexible mechanic designing, touch screen control panel capable of rotating and leaning realizes synchronous operation of the main unit and the trolley, making clinical operation more convenient. Smart archive management can seek current patients' data anytime simply and quickly. Distortionless image collection and processing technology promote the surgery's accuracy to a new level, perfect image chain can realize easy application in various normal surgeries in orthopedics, general surgeries, trauma surgeries, spine surgeries, urology surgeries, painful surgeries, and so on. Various kinds of detectors and abundant extensions are available, which ensures high-cost effectiveness.

Accurate, Customized, Optimized

• Color-coded axis and brake, and concise control panel realize direct accurate operation;

• Differentiated flat configuration plan provides customers with customized and optimized choice;

• Excellent C-arm self-balancing and designing language in accordance with ergonomics.

High Resolution

• High-resolution display can show high brightness and contrast image in a large view angle. Single screen's split use and support from fully integrated workflow make doctors' operation clear and concise.

Higher Quality and Lower-dose Radiation

• User-friendly UI with instant image transmission and high-voltage control;

• Compared with image intensifier technology, flat panel detector has higher Signal to Noise Ratio, Grayscale gradient and Resolution;

• Higer quality image and lower-dose radiation with the aid of Dose-area Product and Smart Algorithm;

• High quality X-ray tube assembly promotes the purity of X-ray.

Image Gallery

• Clear image of four limbs' joints, keep excellent contrast and resolution ratio in small dose mode;

• Application of the latest a-Si flat detector technology brings larger visible angle and smaller dose, keep excellent image quality while patients are under thick body's X-ray diagnosis.