Digital Floor-mounted Manual X-ray Photography System


The digital floor-mounted manual X-ray photography system (JDR500) is a premium medical X-ray manual radiology imaging device that provides high image quality, clinical flexibility, and superior workflow for a wide range of radiographic applications. JUDcare provides the new medical X-ray manual radiology imaging device with low X-ray radiation dose, high contrast, low image noise, and high definition. Its ergonomic design and sophisticated auto-positioning technology help you maximize patient throughput.

Easy and Quick Positioning of X-ray Tube

Tube positioning can be performed easily and quickly with the fine-tuned counter weight balance mechanism.

Space Saving Concept

The compact, space-saving high-frequency generator and tube support provide greater working space and flexible layout.

Low Dose

The system provides high quality imaging with low dose for maximum patient safety. Software simulated grid is available as an option and can be used for all anatomies and can reduce dose with up to 60%. It continuously works to create a lower radiation dose in our solutions.

Consistent Good Image Quality

The system optimizes every link of the imaging chain. It harmonizes contrast levels, highlights faint details, and adapts parameters to provide lots of detail and wide image dynamics, while still maintaining a natural, artifact-free appearance.