Mobile Digital Medical X-ray Photography System


Mobile Digital Medical X-ray Photography System (JM8300) created by JUDcare is an economic and practical mobile medical digital X-ray imaging machine, can be widely used in radiology, orthopedic, medical examination department, emergency room, intensive care units, operating room, and neonatal pediatrics. JUDcare provides the ultra motorized mobile diagnostic medical direct digital X-ray imaging radiography machine with medical diagnostic services. It fully meets the demand of hospital digital radiography. 

An Intelligent Mobile System Comparable to Fixed DR

• Applicable in Radiology Department, ICU, Emergency room, etc;

• A wide selection of various wireless FPDs with high performance;

• High output power rivals fixed DR;

• Huge capacitor energy storage, plug and play;

• Compact and light, superior mobility.

Impeccable Images with Subtle Details at a Reduced Dosage

• Wireless big-sized FPD;

• Higher grayscale gives a quality imaging.

Narrow-body Design and Swift Movement

• The design offers ergonomic comfort and accommodates more clinical scenarios;

• Light steering with an angle of 360°;

• Flexible and agile lightweight body;

• One button start.

Intelligent Image Processing System

• DICOM 3.0 standard offers a seamless connection with PACS;

• Multi-mode exposure under convenient operation.