Mobile Digital X-ray Flat Imaging Plate

Mammo 1012F

Mammo 1012F is a new generation, high-performance 10×12-inch innovative static mammography detector. It has a large 239 mm × 300 mm imaging area, and a narrow, 2 mm, chest wall distance. While retaining the advantages of the large imaging area and narrow chest wall distance of the previous generation, the detector provides a larger dynamic range, higher signal-to-noise ratio, more reliable data transmission, and lower power consumption. JUDcare provides the mobile medical digital X-ray radiography fluoroscopy flat imaging plate replacing CR in analog mammography diagnostic system. The Mammo 1012F is designed for FFDM applications.

Basic Parameters

● Detector Technology: Amorphous Silicon;

● Scintillator: CsI;

● Active Area: 10 inch × 12 inch;

● Pixel Pitch: 85 μm;

● Pixel Matrix: 2,816 × 3,528;

● Spatial Resolution: 6 lp/mm.

● AD Conversion: 16 bits;

● Dynamic Range: > 76 dB.


● Screening(2D): Be used for regular health checks for early indications of possible breast cancer developments;

● Diagnostic (2D): Be used for detailed investigation of already identified suspicion of developed breast cancer;

● Contrast Enhanced (2D): Uses alternation of X-ray tube voltages to acquire multiple exposures of images during the same examination for significantly improved diagnostic information on breast cancer development.


★ Low 1st frame lag of 1.5% after correction;

★ Wider dynamic range and strong image layering ;

★ High signal-to-noise ratio, excellent image quality;

★ Lower power consumption;

★ More reliable data interface.