FPD Mobile Digital Xray Flat Panel Detector

Mars 1717V

Smart wireless cassette-size Mars 1717V is Csl based, portable a-Si flat panel detector. Reliable iSync and Automatic Exposure Detection (AED), stable wireless connection, long battery life, high image quality, and lightweight design, establish Mars 1717V as the standard of quality in X-Ray DR retrofit and system application. JUDcare provides the FPD mobile medical digital X-ray radiography fluoroscopy flat panel image detector replacing CR computed X-ray radiography reader. It supports a fast workflow and is the optimal choice for both retrofit and new DR system solutions.

Basic Parameters

● Detector Technology: Amorphous Silicon;

● Scintillator: CsI;

● Active Area: 17 inch × 17 inch;

● Pixel Pitch: 139 μm;

● Pixel Matrix: 3,072 × 3,072;

● Spatial Resolution: 3.6 lp/mm.

● AD Conversion: 16 bits;

● Full Image Time: 5 s.


● DR upgrade solution by retrofit;

● Easy to interface with any kind of X-ray generator;

● Faster workflow after DR upgrade;

● Maximum flexibility in virtually all general radiographic specialties;

● Fits into most existing analogue X-ray system;

● No DR trigger cable between detector and generator with AED function to provide very easy DR upgrade.


★ Direct deposition Csl for better image quality with the lower dose;

★ Dual band (2.4G and 5G) wireless support with easy sharing;

★ Easy installation and shareable between diverse X-ray systems;

★ Always charging with a backup cable;

★ Long battery life and smart workflow;

★ Wireless cassette detector per ISO 4090, fits in bucky;

★ Stable iSync+ Automatic Exposure Detection (AED).