Mobile Static Wireless Flat Panel Detector

SLA 3543

Smart static wireless cassette-size SLA 3543 is GOS or CsI based, portable a-Si flat panel detector. Reliable Automatic Exposure Detection (AED), stable wireless connection, long battery life, high image quality, and lightweight design, establish SLA 3543 as the standard of quality in X-Ray DR retrofit and system application. It is an innovative conventional X-ray upgrading solution to replace IP plate. The latest high-quality, cost-effective x-ray solution to increase your diagnostic confidence. JUDcare provides the FPD mobile medical digital X-ray radiography fluoroscopy flat panel image detector replacing CR computed X-ray radiography reader. It supports a fast workflow and is the optimal choice for both retrofit and new DR system solutions.

Basic Parameters

● Detector Technology: Amorphous Silicon;

● Scintillator: CsI, GOS;

● Active Area: 14 inch × 17 inch;

● Pixel Pitch: 139 μm;

● Pixel Matrix: 2,560 × 3,072;

● Spatial Resolution: 3.6 lp/mm;

● AD Conversion: 16 bits;

● Full Image Time: 3 s.


● DR upgrade solution by retrofit;

● Easy to interface with any kind of X-ray generator;

● Faster workflow after DR upgrade;

● Maximum flexibility in virtually all general radiographic specialties;

● Fits into most existing analogue X-ray system;

● No DR trigger cable between detector and generator with AED function to provide very easy DR upgrade.


★ High speed 5G wireless with easy sharing;

★ Direct deposition GOS or CsI for better image quality with lower dose;

★ Independently build Yi-Vision smart software platform to make integration be simple and convenient;

★ The original Auto-Fusion core algorithm is equipped with ultra-high sensitivity modules to ensure that Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) can present perfect HD images at different doses;

★ Three-in-one integration of synchronous interface, power supply and network interface, can be directly connected to high voltage, without additional synchronous device, easy installation and shareable between diverse X-ray system.