Medical Dry Blue Base Clear Imaging Thermal Film

Thermal Film(C1)

Basic Parameters

● Structure: Composed of the thermal layer, PET base material, and the protective layer;

● Maximum Transmission Density: ≥3.0 D;

● Minimum Transmission Density: <0.28 D;

● Thickness: 200±5 μm;

● Haze: ≤20%.


JUDcare provides digital medical dry blue base clear imaging thermal printing film(C1). It contains the sizes of 14x17inch, 11x14inch, 10x12inch and 8x10inch.

● Sizes: RTF-14×17in, RTF-11×14in, RTF-10×12in, RTF-8×10in;

● Application Fields: X-ray, CT, MRI, etc.

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