Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Beijing Union Medical College Hospital is a large tertiary general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, and scientific research. Built in 1921, it is the center for diagnosis and treatment of difficult and difficult conditions designated by the National Health and Family Planning Commission and it is also the earliest hospital that undertakes high-level medical services. Because of its outstanding technical capability, prominent specialties, strong comprehensive advantages well known around the world.

The unequal distribution of medical resources leads to the prominent problem of long waiting times and a short treatment time. Uneven distribution of high-quality medical resources, leading to overcrowding in the hospital. Information system supports treatment and operation management in the hospital-based on patient-centered service to improve service efficiency. Connect the regional medical association, which could achieve medical resources sharing and business collaboration. This new information technology is needed.

Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Beijing Union Medical College Hospital reached strategic cooperation with Shenzhen Junding Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2016. It introduced 180 units of JUDcare “one-stop” medical self-service terminals and made full use of information technology to optimize the patient treatment process and improve the service level of the hospital. Provide patients with a new medical environment. The time that patients stay in the hospital could save more than 1 hour. This is reported by several media including Beijing Satellite TV.

The new generation of self-service terminals in Beijing Union Medical College Hospital is connected to all information systems in the hospital. It has 15 functional modules, including card registration, medical insurance card association, payment, queuing, change ID number for Beijing medical insurance, appointment for registration, daily registration, registration, inspection report printing, prescription printing, outpatient electronic medical record printing, self-service inquiry, and bank card cancellation.

Peking Union Medical College HospitalBeijing Union Medical College Hospital treats almost 17 thousand patients per day. After the deployment of the JUDcare one-stop self-service system, JUDcare will support more payment methods in the next step, including WeChat and Alipay to cater to different age groups in order to further improve the user experience.

Peking Union Medical College HospitalThis one-stop self-service system is a new intelligent service terminal customized by JUDcare. The system has 4 patented technologies and 15 functional modules. It can cover all non-medical processes in a hospital so the pressure on hospital staff is greatly reduced. This technology helps to build a modern hospital benchmark which leads to the new era.

Peking Union Medical College HospitalJUDcare one-stop self-service system helps Beijing Union Medical College Hospital to promote information technology. Build an efficient & intelligent, modern, informative, humane, integrated benchmark hospital. JUDcare self-service devices provide patients with all non-treatment services, ensure that all floors and all departments are orderly. Today’s Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, with JUDcare high-tech technology, provides patients with comfortable and convenient services. JUDcare wholeheartedly serves doctors and patients, its strength is obvious to all.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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