Radiology Salon Development Strategy Seminar was Held in Beijing

On April 22nd, 2021, the Radiology Salon Development Strategy Seminar was held in Beijing. A number of medical imaging experts in the industry were invited to the conference to discuss how to apply new technologies to improve medical service capabilities, and to build new medical service models under the normalized situation of epidemic prevention and control. They made in-depth exchange of opinions about how to play the role of a radiology salon platform to enhance medical imaging education on the quality of services.

The staff from Shenzhen Juding Medical Co., Ltd. firstly showed the experts a new product— JUDcare 8MP smart mobile medical monitor. According to reports, “JUDcare 8MP smart mobile medical monitor” has three application modes including hospital-wide mode, smart mode, and traditional mode. It is an ideal imaging doctor studio solution. It can not only realize hospital-wide remote office in the case of physical isolation of the network, but also carry the Hongding operating system and integrated image-related software, which can realize professional-level image interpretation, and has good portability and safety.

JUDcare’s new imaging doctor studio solution can help doctors realize a secure remote mobile office without the circulation of medical data. It is expected to break through the existing medical model and form a variety of medical services such as imaging doctor studios and remote consultations to promote the improvement of medical service levels.

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Experts fully affirmed JUDcare 8MP smart mobile medical monitor, and agreed that mobile solutions were an important trend in the future medical service model, and had a product technical support role for the country to solve problems such as medical resource imbalances. They are auxiliary and mutual assistance solutions with good application value under the current situation of normalization of the epidemic. In the future, they have broad application prospects in the medical community and medical consortium.

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Experts agreed that the launch of this product was of epoch-making significance. In the future, a medical service model around mobile office solutions will take root, which may subvert the existing medical service model and form a medical service ecological closed loop.

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During the seminar on the development strategy of the radiology salon, experts believed that as an important medical imaging education platform in China, the radiology salon had a high reputation in the domestic medical field; in recent years, it had made great contributions in the field of medical imaging education.

In the future, the radiology salon should adapt to the general trend of the development of the new media era, combine online and offline, highlight the essence of education, increase cooperation between universities, develop the surrounding ecology, and achieve a closed-loop of medical imaging education.

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