All In One Multi Medical Thermal Kiosk


JUDcare provides all in one multi medical thermal film kiosk (SDP-2C) with an imaging report. Users can choose print service and check service on the kiosk. It will rapidly provide patients with complete diagnostic reports printed and radiology films printed, improve the self-service reception capacity of hospitals, and relieve hospital’s pressure in the aspect of diagnostic reports printed, radiology films printed, information consultation with medical workers, etc. It is designed to release the working space and workload of hospitals and clinics.

1 Personal ID; 2 Inductive Card; 3 Bar Code; 4 Magnetic Card; 5 IC Card; 6 Diagnostic Report; 7 Radiology Film

Personal ID
Inductive Card
Bar Code
Magnetic Card
IC Card

Installation & Implementation

① Bar Code; ② Send Image & Report; ③ OCR & Send Data automatically

Most Efficient Design to Save ……

★ Trustful: Thermal printing technology incorporated to assure stable operations;
★ Optimized Workflow: Efficiently improved workflow in big hospitals to save cost;
★ Interconnection: Easy connections to CT, MRI, X-ray equipment through RIS or PACS;
★ Fast: Automatic image processing software to simplify image transmission;
★ Flexible Installations: Installed wherever needed for self-service printing;
★ Easy-to-Use: Handy design to assure simple installation and maintenance.

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