Smart Symbiosis Empowers Healthcare | CHITEC 2020 of JUDcare

From September 25-27, 2020, the 15th China Health Information Technology & Health and Medical Big Data Application Exchange Conference and Software, Hardware and Health and Medical Products Exhibition (2020 CHITEC) were held in Haikou city.

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The conference brought together hundreds of well-known domestic experts and scholars to conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions on topics such as deepening the reform of the medical and health system, digital health and national health information, and the construction of new digital health infrastructure during the 14th Five-Year Plan.

Smart Symbiosis Empowers Healthcare | CHITEC 2020 of JUDcare

As an innovative pioneer in the field of medical information technology, JUDcare takes the theme of ” Smart Symbiosis Empowering Medical Care “and takes the “dual-platform” medical community, smart medical insurance, and smart service platform as the core, through booths, the parallel forum, the JUDcare Cup and “Newcomers in Digital Health” contest and other forms showed how JUDcare uses technology and model innovation to build a new future of digital health. The exhibition site was brilliant and attracted many guests to stop and exchange.

Heavy guests came to guide.

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At the meeting, Jin Xiaotao (President of China Health Information and Healthcare Big Data Association), Mao Qunan (Director of the Planning, Development and Informatization Department of the National Health Commission), Wu Shiyong (Director of the Statistical Information Center of the National Health Commission), and Hu Jianping (Deputy director of the National Health Commission), visited JUDcare booth. Long Han (General manager of HIT Division) accompanied the visit and gave a detailed report to the leaders on the “dual platform” medical community, smart medical insurance, smart service platform, and other solutions, which were recognized and affirmed by the leaders.

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“After research, it was discovered that the medical community has many organizations, but the effect is difficult to show. The core reason is that the medical institutions from the supervisory level to the subordinates are not organized and managed. Based on the current product problems, JUDcare has built a “dual platform.” “The core purpose of the medical community is to organize medical institutions at all levels comprehensively, and then enter telemedicine and remote consultation based on unified management, which will achieve twice the result with half the effort.”- Long Han (General manager of HIT Division).

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The parallel forum attracts attention.

On the afternoon of September 26, 2020, at the “County Medical Community and Community Hospital” parallel forum, JUDcare combined with the current medical community’s existing problems and poor of multiple organizations. It is proposed for the first time that the medical community’s management functions and business functions combined with information technology, and the ecological construction and application value results of the medical community are discussed in depth.

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On September 27, 2020, at the “Smart Hospital Smart Service” parallel forum, JUDcare introduced the foundation of smart hospital construction from three aspects: smart medical care, smart service, and smart management. The core guidance of modern hospital management is to think and explore the construction of smart hospitals to create a convenient and beneficial experience for the people and help the management finely manage the hospital data.

“Dual Platform” medical community-deep integration of intelligent symbiosis

JUDcare’s “dual-platform” medical community solution, jointly created by JUDcare, Alibaba Health, and Dingding, is the industry’s first innovative solution that deeply integrates social tools to serve the medical community’s information construction. Through the DingTalk integrated collaborative platform and the medical community information platform, a high degree of collaboration and unification of business and data is achieved, and then relying on the Internet and the internet of things technology to integrate county, township, and village health resources to create a medical and health service community to provide residents with high-quality, convenient, comprehensive intelligent services for prevention, treatment, health, and support.

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Smart service platform-serving doctors and patients to help to rate

JUDcare medical intelligence services platform, outside the union as the core platform to build the front cover diagnosis, consultation, the whole process of online medical consultation after the medical institutions, the establishment of a unified reconciliation-payment platform and internet hospital. Through hardware and software combination, the online and the offline integrated whole ecological industry chain reduces expenditure and efficiency of information management, adds value to accounting management, and speeds up the outpatient process. While accurately assisting the grading and evaluation of smart hospital services, it comprehensively improves the quality of medical services and empowers the intelligence of hospitals’ operations.

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Smart medical insurance-safe and convenient, lightweight terminal

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JUDcare has devoted itself to the field of the medical insurance business for many years. It has a deep understanding and understanding of the needs of medical insurance agencies and the two agencies. The smart medical insurance comprehensive solution exhibited this time, including the medical insurance business comprehensive service terminal and support platform, medical insurance internal management and coordination, and regional SPD service platform can provide a full range of application scenarios for medical insurance two-determination and handling agencies.

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Self-service health insurance and custom development services to support the health care sector to build around the deep rural communities have a “unified entrance, uniform application, unified service, unified data” lightweight, high-security self-service Medicare system, reducing the cost of medical residents and medical insurance At the same time, it provides residents with more convenient medical insurance services.

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Discover new needs in the medical industry and stimulate new momentum for smart services. JUDcare will continue to fulfill its original mission, use technology and business to empower health, serve doctors and patients with wisdom and innovation, improve medical service levels, promote the integration of medical resources, and facilitate the realization of a new future of digital health. 

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