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The key to freedom is to have choices. Take queuing for example. If everyone could make a choice, who would like to queue? Is it okay not to queue? Certainly OK. To provide a more convenient and user-friendly medical environment, JUDcare helps to upgrade medical service in Tangdu Hospital to open up data from online and offline, to build a three-dimensional service network, and to bring new service experience to patients.

As a modern tertiary A-class hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care, and rehabilitation, Tangdu Hospital has advanced inspection equipment and a user-friendly diagnosis and treatment system and has formed a leading medical technology in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. This time, Tangdu Hospital and JUDcare jointly explore the way of transformation to smart hospitals and connect the online and offline to achieve the intelligent upgrading of medical services, which is of great significance for innovating medical service mode and improving the quality of medical services.

Tangdu HospitalOffline: 111 bank-hospital machines enter Tangdu Hospital to achieve full coverage of self-service

With 111 units of JUDcare one-stop bank medical self-service terminals officially put into use in Tangdu Hospital, Tangdu Hospital realized the whole hospital coverage of the self-service system of outpatient and inpatient buildings and opened a new situation of “one-stop” medical treatment.Tangdu HospitalNow the patients who come to Tangdu Hospital for medical treatment no longer have to wait in long lines for registration and payment in a few artificial windows. Patients can choose any JUDcare one-stop bank-hospital self-service terminal to operate according to the screen prompts, and can self-help complete all non-diagnostic and therapeutic links including card issuance, appointment, recharge, registration, payment, report printing, voucher printing, etc. WeChat, Alipay, cash are three payment methods, how convenient for you!

A JUDcare one-stop bank-hospital self-service terminal can help you easily achieve “one-stop” treatment. With “she”, you don’t have to queue up, choose nearby, operate simply, and solve all problems at one stop.

Tangdu HospitalOnline: Medical services mobile processing, intelligent and convenient good helpers

With the improvement of medical information levels, more and more hospitals and medical institutions use information technology to carry out intelligent medical services with stronger practicability and closer to people’s livelihood. After introducing the JUDcare one-stop self-service terminal, Tangdu Hospital launched the JUDcare whole process mobile hospital hospitalization module according to patients’ online needs.

Patients only need to follow the official account of Tangdu Hospital, register with a mobile phone number, and bind personal information. They can realize the mobile processing of inpatient deposit payment, inquiry of patient information, inpatient history inquiry, and inpatient list inquiry at any time and anywhere through a mobile terminal (daily inpatient list inquiry does not include uncollected accounts). At the same time, it can add more information about relatives and friends in hospitals to realize the mobile management of diagnosis and treatment services. It’s intelligent and convenient. It’s really a good helper for mobile diagnosis and treatment.

Offline self-help, online application. Through the layout of an off-line self-service terminal + on-line mobile hospital, JUDcare helped Tangdu Hospital to build a comprehensive three-dimensional service network, to help upgrade medical services, and to promote the informatization construction of Tangdu Hospital to a new level.

Innovation goes on, smart wisdom follows. In the future, JUDcare will continue to use science and technology, and commerce to endow health, promote the transformation of hospital wisdom, upgrade the wisdom of medical services, promote the efficient interaction of medical resources and promote the development of China’s large healthy industry.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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