Our goal is to start with a single step; perfection is the goal.

With dreams, passion, and mission, JUDcare, a team of 2,000+ people, is making continuous efforts for the rapid improvement of the global medical imaging level. A service team dedicated themselves to create a benefit-based, innovative, and shared mobile ecosystem. From 0 to 1, we insist on our originality and fight our way. Relying on our own plenty of research and development, marketing, production, and service network. We continue to lead the development trend of the medical and health industry. Hope that the use of information technology will subvert the traditional medical system, to provide patients with more intelligent, effective, and convenient services. That is the mission of a medical radiology equipment manufacturer.


Our faith is “never give up the faith”.

Everyone in JUDcare (The previous brand was CLEAR before October 2020) has a constant belief and strength, which leads us not to forget the past and to fear the future. We try our best to create a self-service system and intelligent healthcare and health solutions and make continuous efforts to reduce the medical costs of patients. We can do better.

Try our best to satisfy our clients; try our best to serve the patients.

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